Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


1. Seen Again

            Goku was lying in bed, wide awake. It had been about a month since he divorced Chichi and now he is staying in a small house out in the middle of nowhere, all alone. He glanced at the time and sighed softly. It was only midnight. He’d been trying to go bed for at least a couple hours, but can’t for some reason. He sighed again and sat up slowly, running a hand through his spikey black hair. He thought to himself, I wonder why I can’t sleep tonight… Frustrated he got out of bed slowly, bare feet hitting the hard wood floor with a soft thud. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of black sweatpants. He walked out of the bedroom and made his way to the kitchen thinking maybe some food would help him get to sleep easier. Goku padded down the stairs and into the kitchen, flicking the light on. He had a simple kitchen, wood floors, a stainless steel refrigerator, normal looking counter tops, a small table that would fit at least three if his boys ever come to visit, and some wooden cabinets. He slowly made his way over to the refrigerator and pulled it open. He usually cooked a lot in order to feed his huge appetite with the help of Yamcha teaching him how to cook.

            Goku pulled out a big arm full of food and began to heat most of it up so he could eat it. He hummed to himself softly as he waited patiently for his food to warm up. Leaning on the counter he began to wonder if he would ever be able to find anyone else in his life that he could love and be loved by. He closed his eyes and let his mind wonder back to the last time he saw Chichi. Painful words echoed in his mind.

            “You’re nothing but a monster Goku! All you’ve done is brought me two other monsters and no normal children! You don’t even care about Gohan and Goten’s educations! You don’t care about anything except yourself and fighting your opponents! You could stay home more and encourage the boys to study but NO! You’d rather be off with your friends doing nothing but trying to become stronger! AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I want a divorce! Go be a monster in someone else’s life because I’m done! GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK!”

            Goku quickly pulled himself back to reality as soon as he heard the timer for his food go off. He grabbed everything and sat it down on the table. He had tried to reason with Chichi but she wouldn’t let him get a word in at all and then suddenly he was just kicked out and then about two days after that, he had signed the divorce papers. He knew he wasn’t a monster and neither were his boys. It was just in their blood. Goku couldn’t help the fact that he was a Saiyan and the boys couldn’t help the fact that they were half Saiyan. None of them asked to be the way they are, but nothing can be changed. He worried about Gohan and Goten, hoping that they would be alright since he didn’t take them with him. He shook his head and managed a small smile. Of course those two would be alright. Gohan had Videl and Goten had Trunks.  Both of his boys were with someone that they loved very much and he couldn’t be happier about it. Now he just questioned if he’d be able to find love again. He slowly began to eat his food while letting his mind wonder from place to place.

            Once he was done eating, he cleaned up the kitchen before shutting off the light and making his way back to his bedroom. He got back in bed and settled down, resting his head on a big fluffy pillow. He began to think about everyone else and wondered how they were all doing. Ever since the divorce he hasn’t wanted to see anyone except the boys really. He had seen Gohan and Goten about two weeks ago when they suddenly showed up at his doorstep for a surprise visit. As far as anyone else, he hadn’t seen. Not Bulma, Krillin, Master Roshi, Piccolo, or even Vegeta. Vegeta…Goku thought to himself…I wonder how he’s doing…We haven’t fought each other in a while… He sighed softly and quickly shook his head. Why on earth was he thinking about Vegeta? There was no way that he and Vegeta could ever be more that what they are now, mostly enemies in that matter. Frustrated he rolled himself over and threw his head under another pillow. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to just go to sleep. His mind still continued to wander, every now and again throwing an image of Vegeta into his mind. After a while, he couldn’t help but smile and he finally managed to relax enough and drift into a deep sleep. Maybe tomorrow he would finally go see some of his friends, maybe just maybe even go see Vegeta. He’d just have to wait and see.

            The next morning Goku woke up bright and early. He sat up in his bed and stretched his muscular arms, flexing them slightly. Once he was done, he hoped out of bed and walked over to his dresser. He pulled out his usual orange training outfit and quickly changed into it. Next up on his list was food. Food once again, even though he just ate at midnight, he was hungry again as usual. He placed to fingers onto his forehead and zipped out of site, only to reappear in his kitchen. He laughed to himself and quickly made himself a huge breakfast that consisted of pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon, toast, and milk. He quickly stuffed his face with as much as he could at one time; stopping every now and again to breathe so he didn’t end up choking on his food. Once he was done, he washed all the dishes he had used and put them away. With everything cleaned up, he ran towards the door and slipped on his blue boots before bolting out the door, making sure to lock it behind him. Once he was outside, he flew up into the sky and stopped once he was higher than the trees. He closed his eyes and concentrated, trying to find someone’s energy, he didn’t really care whose energy it was, just someone’s. He suddenly felt a strong energy coming from the North. It was probably Piccolo or it could be Vegeta, he wasn’t entirely sure because he hadn’t tried to sense someone’s energy for a while, he had almost forgotten. Shaking his head, he flew off towards the North, quickly feeling the energy getting stronger as he got closer to whoever it was. It had to be Piccolo. As he got closer, he noticed that the energy he was sensing wasn’t strong enough to be Vegeta’s energy.

            After about ten minutes of flying, he spotted the Namekian and landed right behind him. His friend turned around once he felt the presence of someone behind him and he grinned a little once they were face to face. It really had been too long since Goku had seen Piccolo. Goku laughed his usual goofy laugh and placed a hand behind his head.

            “Hey Piccolo! Long time no see!”  He waved at the Namekian, keeping his smile on his face.

            “Well, look who it is. You finally decide to come out of hiding, Goku?” The Namekian asked, a small grin forming on his face.

            “I wouldn’t exactly call it hiding. Chichi and I ended up divorcing about a month ago and I haven’t really wanted to see anyone…” He said softly as he looked down at his feet.

            “Well…Sorry about the divorce. I don’t really understand love, so I can’t exactly be comforting, not like I’d want to be anyways.” The Namekian turned his head away from Goku and crossed his arms.

            “Yeah, I wasn’t expecting you to be comforting. That’s not exactly in your nature.” Goku managed a small laugh and then sighed. “Hey Piccolo…have you by any chance seen Vegeta lately…?”

            “No. I haven’t seen him. He’s probably just training to beat you since that’s kind of his goal.” Piccolo replied, shaking his head. “I’ll never understand you Saiyans.”

            “I’ll never understand Vegeta. I know he wants to beat me though. That’s why I was kind of hoping to find him. I’ve been itching for a fight ever since this morning. Do you think he’d be at Bulma’s place?” Goku asked, trying not to sound too excited.

            “Probably not. I shouldn’t be the one telling you this, but you probably won’t find him for a while. He and Bulma also got a divorce as you call it. So they are no longer together either.” Piccolo replied as he sat back down.

            “Wait, seriously?!” He sounded way too shocked to hear that. Although it couldn’t really be too much of a surprise. Right before he and Chichi split up, he had heard that Vegeta and Bulma were having problems as well, but he didn’t expect them to split up. He shook his head. Now he really had to find Vegeta and figure out what happened between him and Bulma. “Hey Piccolo, the next time we see each other, let’s spar, okay?” Goku asked with a bright smile.

            “If you want. I’ll be either here or at the lookout whenever you want to fight.” The Namekian laughed. “Now go. Leave me to my training.”

            Goku nodded, said goodbye to his friend and took off into the air once again. As he flew, he closed his eyes and tried to sense Vegeta’s energy. If he was really training somewhere, Goku would surely be able to pick up on his energy really fast. He began to wonder why Bulma and Vegeta would get a divorce. Maybe Vegeta’s attitude finally got the best of their marriage and Bulma had finally had enough of it. That reason wouldn’t surprise him one bit. After flying for about twenty minutes Goku stopped and landed to take a small break. Finding Vegeta was harder than it normally is for some reason. Was he hiding? Was he suppressing his energy so he wouldn’t be bothered? Usually Vegeta never suppressed his energy unless he absolutely had to, so that caused him to really wonder if Vegeta was okay or not.

            As he stood against a tree, he closed his eyes and focused hard on trying to locate Vegeta. He slowed his breathing and crossed his arms across his muscular chest, becoming completely relaxed. Suddenly he felt a really powerful energy spike. His eyes snapped open and he quickly took off in the direction of the energy spike. This was definitely Vegeta’s energy. It was way too powerful to be anyone else, except for maybe Gohan, but he was usually with Videl so it just had to be Vegeta. Goku flew as fast as he could, hoping to reach the source of energy before it disappeared. He quickly picked up his speed, flying as fast as he could until finally, he reached a rocky clearing. He landed on one of the rocks and searched around. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a large energy blast go rushing towards a giant rock, and once it hit, the rock smashed into nothing but dust almost. He had indeed found Vegeta. Without even really thinking, he quickly moved toward the direction of the blast, stopping a couple feet away. As soon as he stopped, another blast of energy had been released toward another giant rock, blasting it to nothing but dust, just like the first one. Goku began to think a little. Should he sneak attack Vegeta? Should he just walk up to him? Or should he release his energy so Vegeta could notice him? He decided on option two. Just walk up to him and say hey. Maybe they could even spar for a little while. He nodded to himself and rushed over to Vegeta.

            “Vegeta! Hey! It’s Goku!” He shouted as he rushed over to the smaller Saiyan. Shocked, the smaller Saiyan turned around quickly only to find himself staring at Goku.

            “Kakarot. You finally decided to stop hiding from everyone?” Vegeta asked, crossing his arms over his chest. He held an evil looking grin on his face and chuckled slightly.

            “I haven’t exactly been hiding. I just wanted to be alone for a while.” Goku replied, trying not to sound to upset. He stared at Vegeta, taking in his features. A little shorter than himself, black spikey hair that stood straight up, that grin that he always did when he was getting the urge to fight with someone. He was definitely the same old Vegeta and they had finally face to face once again. 

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