Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


2. Explanations

Goku made sure to brace himself, just in case Vegeta attacked him. They had been standing face to face for a good five minutes, neither one of them making any movements. Vegeta finally dropped his arms and walked up to Goku slowly. “What have you been doing, Kakarot? Where the hell have you been hiding?” Vegeta asked with that stern tone he always uses.

            “Well…Chichi and I got a divorce and I’ve moved out. It happened about a month ago and I haven’t really wanted to see anyone.” Goku replied.

            “Ah, so the earth bitch finally divorced you? And you went through a depressed state, huh?” Vegeta sounded like he was trying to tease him, but Goku wasn’t really sure. “Tell you what. Let’s spar for a little bit and then we will sit down and have a chat.” Goku was genuinely shocked when he heard Vegeta say that, but he nodded.

            “Alright, Vegeta. Let’s spar. I want to see how much stronger you’ve become since the last time we fought.” Goku felt really excited to be fighting with Vegeta again. This would be an interesting fight. Vegeta laughed loudly and took off into the air. Goku followed him quickly and stopped when he was about ten feet from Vegeta. “Do you want us to stay in normal form or should we go Super Saiyan?”

            “We may as well just stay normal for now. I feel like my power has finally passed yours and I don’t want to end this very quickly.” Goku nodded in agreement and was suddenly nailed right in the face by Vegeta’s fist. He had to react quickly to keep himself from falling out of the air and hitting the ground. Goku shook his head and grinned widely. Vegeta had definitely increased his speed and his power. Quickly, Goku flew right back up as fast as he could and landed a blow right to Vegeta’s check, causing him to fly backwards. Soon they were in an intense fight, both of them throwing punches and energy blasts as fast as they could. Goku was doing pretty well for not training in about a month, but Vegeta clearly had the upper hand this time and that was made clear when Vegeta launched one final energy blast and Goku failed to avoid it. He was slammed to the ground by Vegeta’s blast, causing big crater to form into the ground underneath him. Once the light cleared up, Vegeta looked down, breathing hard. When he saw Goku lying flat on his back, he threw his arms up and laughed a victory laugh before landing in the crater beside Goku.

            “You win, Vegeta…” Goku managed to cough out, breathing roughly.

            “Clearly I did win. I’ve finally beaten you Kakarot! Now sit up and let’s chat.” Vegeta replied, shockingly helping Goku sit up. Goku groaned in pain, but shook it off. He couldn’t believe it himself. Vegeta actually helped him up, but he just ignored it. Goku was much more interested in finding out why Vegeta and Bulma split up. Vegeta sat himself down next to Goku and said, “Tell me. Why did your woman decide she wanted to get a divorce?”

            “Well…It went down like this.” He opened up and told Vegeta how it started out as just a normal day. He was training with Gohan and Goten while Chichi was inside making food. He went on and said how he and the boys were training in their Super Saiyan forms, mostly to give Goten some more experience with it. He also explained how Chichi didn’t like it when they were in their Super Saiyan forms because she thought that they were all monsters and it just freaked her out. To Goku’s surprise, Vegeta just sat there with his arms crossed, listening to the whole story and not speaking a word. “And then later that night, after Gohan and Goten were already asleep, she slammed her hand down in front of me and started screaming at me. She told me that all I did was bring her two little monsters, telling me that I don’t care about their education and that all I care about is training. I mean, at least I would come home most nights and if I didn’t I’d call her and tell her I wasn’t coming home. Then finally, the last thing she said to me was go be a monster in someone else’s life because she couldn’t take it anymore.” Goku was actually crying a little towards the end of the explanation. He shook slightly and kept his face down, refusing to look up. Vegeta couldn’t believe what he heard. How dare that earth woman call Kakarot a monster? Sure it was in his blood and everything, but Kakarot could never hurt a single thing unless he absolutely had too. Vegeta sighed and put a hand on Goku’s shoulder.

            “Kakarot quit crying. Listen, Bulma and I got a divorce as well.” Vegeta watched as Goku looked up at him with teary eyes. Vegeta nodded at him and removed his hand from Goku’s shoulder. “Only, I’m the one who wanted it. And since you told me why you and your woman divorced, I’ll tell you why I divorced Bulma.” Goku couldn’t believe his ears. He wiped the tears from his eyes and waited for Vegeta to tell him what had happened. “It went like this. We were just fine a few days before I told her that I wanted the divorce but then I started realizing something. I realized that I no longer had a desire for her. Yes, she’s a very attractive woman, but something was beginning to turn me away from her. I am still not entirely sure why I no longer wanted her, but I listened to my head and a few days later, I told her that I wanted a divorce. She instantly started screaming at me and asking me why I wanted that. First she suspected that I was seeing another woman, but I told her I wasn’t. All I told her was that I no longer had a desire for her and that she should go find a man who will always have a desire for her. We finally signed the divorce papers and I’ve been away from her for about a month. About as long as you’ve been gone. We must have divorced around the same time your woman divorced you.” Once Vegeta was done talking, Goku just stared at him. He still couldn’t believe that Vegeta was the one who divorced Bulma. They had always seemed happy together, but maybe there were things going on in Vegeta’s relationship that he didn’t know about. Goku finally nodded and was able to speak.

            “It’s crazy to think that you’re the one who wanted the divorce…” Goku’s voice was hoarse from crying which caused Vegeta to look at him.

            “Sometimes desires just go away. She was no longer setting off a fire inside me like she used too. Being single again isn’t too bad either though. Maybe I’ll be able to find someone to relight that fire inside me.” Vegeta replied, sighing a bit.

            “Well. If you ever need a place to crash for the night, you can stay at my place. I have my own house now and I can cook. Plus there’s a spare bedroom…” He didn’t expect that to mean anything to Vegeta. He never liked taking help from anyone but that was just the kind of person Vegeta was.

            “I do appreciate the offer, Kakarot. I’ll keep that in mind too.” Vegeta once again shocked Goku with his response. Goku told Vegeta which direction to fly in if he ever wanted a place to crash for the night. He also told Vegeta to keep his energy spiked so he could sense Vegeta coming. Vegeta nodded in agreement and for a while, they just sat there and talked to each other.

            They had both ended up losing track of time and before they knew it, the sun had begun to set. Goku sighed softly and looked over at Vegeta with a small delicate smile on his face. Vegeta returned the smile and before they really knew what had happened, their faces were a few inches apart. Vegeta could feel Goku’s breathe on his lips, neither one of them sure what was happening. Vegeta rested a gloved hand on Goku’s cheek, causing Goku to shudder slightly. Very slowly, Vegeta pulled Goku’s face closer to his, closing the gap and letting their lips meet. 

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