Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


3. Confessions


            The kiss only lasted for a few minutes or so before Vegeta pulled away from Goku. They both just stared at each other for a second, Goku’s face feeling really hot from blushing so badly. Vegeta on the other hand just kept a straight face like nothing had happened. Vegeta suddenly stood up and hauled Goku to his feet.

            “You should go home, Kakarot. I’ll come see you later. Remember to release your energy when you feel mine getting close. Got it?” Vegeta asked, sounded a little off from normal. Goku could only nod and once Vegeta left, Goku took off into the air and flew home as fast as he could. He just couldn’t wrap his head around what happened. Had Vegeta really kissed him and if so what for? Was he trying to be funny? Probably not. That wasn’t exactly in Vegeta’s nature. Maybe Vegeta was just trying to tease him. Yeah, that had to be it. Or…maybe not… Goku shook everything from his head that he could and continued flying home. He decided that a nice hot bath would be just the thing he needed when he got home and food of course. He hadn’t eaten since this morning and he was starving. Food, bath, then go to bed. That was his plan for the night.

            After about thirty minutes of flying, Goku finally landed in front of his house. He unlocked the door and kicked off his boots once he got inside. Instantly, he went to the kitchen and started cooking up a whole bunch of food. As he cooked, he couldn’t help but think about Vegeta again and that kiss. It was an amazing kiss but why did it happen? Goku still couldn’t wrap his head around it but something deep inside him really wanted it to happen again. He wondered if there was a secret reason that Vegeta had divorced Bulma; a reason that Vegeta didn’t mention. Thinking about that kiss made Goku feel all warm on the inside and it felt nice. Had it gone on any longer than it did, it would have probably been arousing. Vegeta… Goku thought to himself before quickly coming back to reality due to the smell of something burning. He squealed a little bit and quickly flipped the huge steak over before it burnt too badly. Sighing, he went back to just focusing on food. Once everything was ready, Goku filled a plate full of food and sat down, beginning to stuff his face once again.

            Once he was done, he cleaned up the kitchen and put the leftovers away in the refrigerator. He made his way upstairs and into the bathroom for a nice hot shower. As the water heated up, Goku stripped down and leaned against the wall, finding his mind going back towards the kiss between him and Vegeta. Damn…. He thought to himself…that kiss…Vegeta…I think…I want it to happen again… Goku quickly snapped back to reality and shook his head. There was no way Vegeta could ever really have feelings for him. Vegeta wasn’t that kind of person, or at least he didn’t seem to be. Stepping into the shower, Goku could only wonder if something like that could really happen between him and Vegeta. To be honest, Goku had thought that Vegeta was attractive the very first time he saw him, even though he was trying to blow up the earth and stuff like that. The earth was still intact and Vegeta hadn’t tried blowing it up anymore. From the looks of it, Vegeta had actually calmed down and now only focuses on fighting and getting stronger. As Goku washed his spikey black hair he just kept his eyes closed and let his mind wander. He thought about all the fights he had won in the past, about his friends, and about the very first time he and Vegeta met. He remembered that fire he saw in Vegeta’s eyes and that look on his face every time they began to fight with each other. Goku laughed to himself. He was thinking like a lovesick school girl, something he was never like. Goku rinsed his hair and shut the water off. He got out of the shower and grabbed a towel, beginning to dry himself off when he suddenly felt a strong presence moving toward him. Quickly, he pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and rushed outside. He closed his eyes and raised his energy levels, hoping whoever was coming toward him would land once they felt the sudden spike of energy. It couldn’t be him…could it…?


            As Vegeta was flying the way Kakarot had told him to go, he felt the sudden spike of energy. It had to be him. Kakarot. Vegeta quickly picked up his speed and soon found himself directly over the energy he was feeling. As he looked down, he grinned a bit. There stood the cabin that Kakarot had mentioned and then when he saw a figure standing outside, he grinned even wider. It was Kakarot. This was it. He finally found where Kakarot was living. Without even hesitating, Vegeta quickly landed on the ground just a few feet away from the other male.

            “Kakarot. I see you felt me coming and came outside to meet me.” Vegeta grinned and crossed his arms over his chest.

            “Of course. I’m just shocked that you came tonight. I figured you would have gone home for the night, Vegeta.” Kakarot replied, tilting his head slightly.

            “Well I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I? Now are you going to invite me in or make the Prince of all Saiyans just stand out here?” Vegeta asked as he walked toward the taller Saiyan with that wicked grin on his face. He watched as Kakarot nodded and motioned for him to follow. Once they were inside, Vegeta kicked off his shoes and looked up at Kakarot. “I would like to have a word with you about what happened between us earlier this evening, Kakarot.” He watched as Kakarot nodded and took him over to the couch.

            “Please, sit down Vegeta.” He told the smaller Saiyan as he sat down. Vegeta nodded and sat down beside Kakarot. The both of them sat in silence for a few minutes before Vegeta turned toward Kakarot with a serious look on his face.

            “Listen to me, Kakarot. There’s a reason I did that. It was a test to see if I made the right decision of divorcing Bulma and I am pleased to say, it was a very good result. I kissed you to see if you would either push me away or just let it happen and to my surprise, you let it happen.” Vegeta watched Kakarot’s face carefully and only smiled when he watched the bigger Saiyan nod as if he understood, so Vegeta continued speaking. “So I do have to confess something to you Kakarot, and I hope once you hear what I have to say you end up saying something close to the same thing.” Vegeta took a deep breath and slid a little bit closer to Kakarot, still staring at him. “Kakarot…it really pains me to say this, and not in a bad way necessarily, but here it is… I divorced Bulma because…I really…like you…” Vegeta quickly closed his eyes and waited. He couldn’t help but think about how stupid he must sound to Kakarot right now. He felt his pride go straight out the window as he waited for Kakarot’s response. Vegeta suddenly felt a strong hand on his shoulder and his eyes flew open, only to see Kakarot staring at him with a small smile on his face.

            “Vegeta…now I have a confession and I hope you don’t kill me when you here it…” Vegeta started to open his mouth to say something, but was quickly interrupted by Kakarot’s hand. “Don’t speak, just listen. Do you remember that very first time we fought?” Vegeta nodded and Kakarot continued to speak. “Well…that was the first time I had felt my heart jolt in a very long time. That fire in your eyes lit up a desire inside me that I hadn’t felt in years. And when we fought with each other for the first time, it was just amazing. As the years passed, I found myself slowly beginning to think about you and not Chichi but I never thought it would happen so I kept it to myself and just went on with my marriage to her. I figured you were happy with Bulma so I’d try to be happy with Chichi. I know I always seemed happy with her and yes I was pretty broken about the divorce but then I realized something when I saw you today for the first time in a month. I heard that you and Bulma had gotten a divorce and then when you told me what happened after we fought today… I’m no longer scared to say it to you, Vegeta. I…I really like you as well. A lot more than I think I’m supposed too and all I can say is that…I’m really glad that you feel the same way!” Once Kakarot was done talking, he removed his hand from Vegeta’s mouth, only to find that Vegeta was smiling. Vegeta suddenly put a hand on Kakarot’s face and touched their foreheads together.

            “Kakarot…I’m glad…” Vegeta whispered softly. 

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