Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


15. Breaking The News

~~Goku’s POV~~

            I woke up the next morning and decided that it was time to go see Gohan. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I needed to tell him that he was going to be having a new brother or sister in a few months. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take the news but I had already decided that I was going to tell him. I crawled out of bed, being careful not to wake up Vegeta, and slowly got dressed. Once dressed, I made my way down to the kitchen to get some food before heading out and I decided it was best to leave a note for Vegeta, that way he doesn’t freak out when he wakes up and sees that I’m not there.

            I heated up some leftover ham and turkey and sat myself down at the table. As I was eating, I heard two pairs of feet coming down the stairs. Trunks and Goten appeared in the kitchen a few seconds later, hand in hand, which caused me to give them a curious look. I saw blush creep onto Goten’s cheeks and it caused me to wonder what was really going on between the two of them. I motioned for the two boys to come over and sit with me. They hesitated, but agreed when I slid some food to the other side of the table for them to share. Once they were seated and stuffing their faces, I decided that now would be the best time to ask them.

            “So boys. I’ve noticed how close you two have been lately, especially when you two walked into the kitchen holding hands. What’s going on?” I raised my eye brow at them and the both blushed madly.      

            “Well…you see daddy…Trunks and I are kind of…really close…” Goten was stuttering to find the right words.

            “Just how close is really close?” I asked them.

            “Sir…I’m sorry…I really care about Goten and I just…want to be with him…” Trunks whispered softly. I watched as the both closed their eyes tightly, as if they were expecting to get yelled at. I chuckled softly and the both glanced at me with surprised looks on their faces.

            “So that’s what’s been going on between you two. Trunks, you’re wanting to make Goten your mate, aren’t you?” I asked, tilting my head a bit.

            “It’s just that…! I know you and my father are mates and going to be getting married soon…I guess we’re both just afraid of what you and my dad would think…” Trunks admitted, glancing over at Goten.         

            “Trunks is right, dad…but the thing is…we love each other very much…and I know Trunks is going to take care of me… We were going to talk to you and Vegeta today, but we weren’t sure how…” Goten’s face was flustered from everything that he was saying but I just smiled at the two boys.

            “To be completely honest you two. If you want to be together then that’s fine with me. Trunks, I know you’ll take good care of Goten, but you do need to tell Vegeta when he wakes up. Or if you want, you can both come with me to see Gohan and I’ll be with you two tonight and you can tell him then. How does that sound?” The boys brightened up quickly and they agreed to go with me to see Gohan. I told them that they had to keep their end of the deal though. They had to tell Vegeta when we got back home. They both nodded at me and helped me clean up the kitchen. I carefully wrote out a note for my mate and left it on the table. Goten and Trunks rushed outside, motioning for me to hurry up. I couldn’t help but laugh at their eagerness, but I didn’t want to move too fast because of the baby.

            Within a few minutes the boys and I were in the air and heading towards Gohan’s house. I was surprised that he hadn’t contacted me in a while, but maybe he was just busy with Videl. It wouldn’t surprise me too much to be completely honest. As we flew, I thought about how he would take the news of having a new brother or sister, and having Vegeta as a step-father. I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to take either thing very well, but I’m sure he’d eventually get used to it. I watched Trunks and Goten flying ahead of me, still holding hands. I was glad they had told me about having feelings for each other. However, I knew them telling Vegeta would probably be a lot harder on them, since Vegeta wasn’t as laid back as I am. I decided not to think about that for the time being though.

            About twenty minutes later, Goten, Trunks, and I landed outside Gohan’s house. I walked up to the door and knocked. Five minutes later, the door slowly creaked open and I saw Gohan peak out, at least I think it was Gohan. His eyes had huge bags under them, his hair had grown out to his shoulders, and he looked like he had gotten thinner. I tilted my head a little bit and stepped slightly closer to the door.

            “Dad…is that you…?” His voice was quiet and it sounded like he’d been  crying.

            “Yeah, it’s me…Goten, Trunks, and I wanted to come see you… I have some news but first…I think you and I need to talk… You look like hell…” I watched him nod and he opened the door the rest of the way, motioning for us to come inside. The three of us walked inside and he closed the door behind us. The place was pretty dusty, almost as if it hadn’t been cleaned in at least a month.  Gohan motioned for us to sit on the couch and he brought out some water bottles for us before taking a seat beside me.

            “It’s really great to see you dad…” Gohan whispered softly, staring down at his hands.

            “Son…tell me what’s all happened…where’s Videl?” I asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. That was when he cracked and started bawling.

            “She left me dad! A couple months ago! Now I have no one! Mom won’t even talk to me anymore!” He suddenly threw himself at me and hugged me tightly. I made sure he didn’t hit my stomach but I quickly hugged him back.        

            “What do you mean she left you? What happened?” I asked, stroking his hair softly.

            “She said that we needed some time apart…she just wasn’t feeling that spark anymore and just like that, she was gone…and never came back…” He coughed loudly, and just shook in my arms.

            “Why didn’t you come to me? I would have let you stay with me and Vegeta…” I asked quietly.

            “I…didn’t want to see anyone… W-what do you mean you and Vegeta…?” He asked, looking up at me with stained eyes.

            “Well…Vegeta and I are kind of together now…but that’s not important right now! You’re important!” I tried to get him off the subject of me and Vegeta but failed.

            “How long has this been going on!?” He asked loudly.

            “Well…we got together about a month after your mom and I divorced…and soon, he and I are going to get married.” My tail flicked nervously and Gohan saw it, his eyes growing wide.

            “Your tail is back too!?” He exclaimed, leaning down to examine it.

            “Yeah…it’s back too…” I nodded and sighed softly.

            “Dad…you have to tell me everything that’s happened since the last time I saw you.” His  eyes were wide with curiosity. I started to argue but sighed and nodded carefully. He needed to know everything that had happened. Even though Trunks and Goten were right there, I decided that now would be the best time to tell them all. I looked at all three of them, who were staring at me with their eyes wide. I took another deep breath and began to open up about everything that had happened. I told them about being kidnapped, tortured and raped. I even showed them the burn that is still on my left wrist, which caused them all to gasp a bit. I then told them about how Vegeta saved my life, and how shortly after we got home, he decided to bond with me and make me his. I showed them the bite mark and told them how the bond worked, and then I proceeded to tell them about how Vegeta proposed to me yesterday, which was mostly for Gohan to hear, and then I paused, looking into my oldest son’s eyes.

            “Gohan…I know most of that was probably hard to hear…but this next thing might be the hardest…” I said softly.

            “What is it dad?” He asked, his voice filled with wonder.

            “Gohan…Within the next few months, you are going to be getting a new brother or sister.” I smiled slightly, but it quickly faded when I saw shock go across his face. “Gohan?”

            “Y-you mean…t-that’s impossible though… Dad… YOU’RE PREGNANT?!” He stuttered over his words, but stared at me with wide eyes.

            “That’s right, Gohan. Saiyan males can get pregnant once they’re in heat. It’s because our race didn’t have very many females.” I tried to explain it carefully to him, but it seemed that he wasn’t grasping it. I glanced toward Goten and Trunks for some help, but Goten ended up saying the last thing I expected.

            “Hey, Gohan! Trunks and I are together now!” He beamed, quickly getting his brother’s attention. Trunks on the other hand just blushed madly.

            “You are? Really?” Gohan asked, looking at Goten curiously.

            “Yes! We are!” Goten nodded quickly, and Gohan finally managed a small smile.

            “That’s…wonderful…” He hugged Goten tightly and I cleared my throat, causing Gohan

to look back at me.

            “So…I know all this has shocked you and stuff, but would you like to come live with me and Vegeta for a while, until you get back on your feet?” I asked, hoping for a yes.

            “Dad…are you sure that would be okay?” He asked quietly.

            “Of course it will be! Vegeta will understand. So what do you say?” He made me smile when he agreed and he rushed upstairs to gather his things. He didn’t have much, so it only took him about ten minutes to get ready before he met me, Goten, and Trunks outside. All four of us took off into the air and flew back to my house. Vegeta was probably awake by now and wondering when I was going to get back. Even though I haven’t been gone too terribly long, he’s probably worried about me, since I’m carrying our child. I chuckled quietly and then thought about Goten and Trunks. I wonder how they’re going to break the news to Vegeta about being together, and I also wonder what his reaction is going to be. We’ll just have to see when we get home!

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