Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


22. Birth and the Stranger

~~Vegeta’s POV Continued~~

            I paced around the living room of our capsule house completely panicked. The stranger would be here in two more days and Kakarot still hasn’t gone into labor. I guess I really don’t have a choice now. I have to do the C-section today or else Kakarot won’t have time to heal. I had sent Gohan and Tarro to retrieve Bulma and some senzu beans that way Bulma could keep an eye on the twins, and Kakarot could heal up nicely from the senzu beans. Yesterday he told me that he really wanted to help us all fight this guy and I was going to make sure that he got the chance. I called for Kakarot to come down to me, which he did. It took him about five minutes but once he was by my side, he looked at me with a concerned expression.

            “Listen to me. I know that you may be against this but we are probably going to need your help to fight this stranger. I’ve made the decision that the twins are ready to be born so as soon as Gohan and Tarro get back with Bulma and some senzu beans, I’m preforming a C-section on you. They need to be here before this stranger arrives. Do you understand?” I explained everything to him in a calm voice and he just looked at me all wide eyed.

            “W-will they be okay if we do it early…?” He asked, clearly worried.

            “Of course they’ll be okay, Kaka. They’re full blooded Saiyans. Being born a little early won’t hurt them at all. I promise.” I hugged Kakarot tightly and he returned my hug. Ten minutes later, Gohan and Tarro returned with Bulma and a bag of senzu beans. “Looks like it’s time. Come on Kakarot. Bulma I’m going to need your help. Gohan, Tarro, Goten, Trunks and Namekian, be on guard. This should only take an hour, two hours at the most.” Every one nodded and I took Kakarot to the back bedroom along with Bulma, awhile the others took their positions and stood guard.

            I tore off Kakarot’s shirt and helped him get settled on the bed. He gave me a scared look and I just kissed his forehead softly. I told him that everything was going to be alright and then I gave him some medicine to numb the pain. I had to give it to him in pill form because he hates needles more than anything. I can’t have him freaking out on me right now, especially when we’re about to do this. Bulma came over and both of us put on some rubber gloves and she pulled out some medical equipment. I looked at her and together we both nodded. I suddenly felt a new kind of energy and I realized that we were running out of time. It was that stranger. He was almost here. I looked at Bulma and told her that we had to hurry. She agreed with me, and took out a scalpel. I saw Kakarot tense up, but we couldn’t waste any time. To make him feel better, I slipped a blindfold around his eyes and then, Bulma and I proceeded with the C-section.

~~Goku’s POV~~

            Everything was dark. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear everything that was going on. I felt a cold object touch my skin, which caused me to whimper slightly. I then heard the tearing of my skin, probably Bulma or Vegeta cutting me open. Right before this had started, I had felt a new kind of energy. It had to be from that stranger who’s been threating me and my family.  I heard Bulma and Vegeta talking frantically but I couldn’t fully make out what they were saying. All I know is that they sounded kind of panicked, which made me start to worry. I just hoped that my babies were alright. Shortly before Vegeta had brought me back here, they were kicking up a storm inside my stomach, but now I couldn’t feel a thing, probably from that numbing medicine Vegeta made me take.

            After what seemed like hours, I began to lose hope. I began to think the worst of my two little ones. Just when I was about to ask what was going on, I heard I high pitched cry and then another one, that was slightly different after that one. I let out a sigh of relief. I could tell it was them. My babies had been born and they were alive. I went to take the blindfold off, but then I remembered that Bulma still had to close up my stomach…that was something I didn’t want to see. I couldn’t hear the twins crying anymore, which made me begin to worry. It must have been at least another fifteen minutes before the blindfold was removed from my eyes. I sat up quickly, only to gasp in pain. I threw my hands over my stomach, and screamed a little when it was back to being flat. I looked around the room and saw Bulma smiling at me. That smile must have meant that everything was okay.

            “Goku, before you see them. Open up and eat a couple of these.” She said holding up two senzu beans. I took them quickly and within seconds I was up off the bed, stretching and flexing my muscles. I looked in a mirror and freaked out again because I was back to my normal size, which caused Bulma to giggle a little bit.

            “Where’s Vegeta? And where are my babies!?” I asked, looking around frantically. Right on cue, the bedroom door opened and there stood Vegeta with two little babies in his arms, one wrapped in a pink blanket and the other wrapped in a blue blanket. I squealed like a little kid and sat down on the bed as Vegeta came over and handed them to me.

            “They’re beautiful Kakarot. The boy looks like you, but with my eyes, and the girl is the exact opposite. She looks like me, but has your eyes. However, their hair, they have a mixture of our styles, which is completely adorable!” Vegeta smiled at me and handed both of the babies to me. I looked down at them and smiled. They were beautiful and perfect in every way. I hugged them close to me and sighed with relief.

            “What should we name them, Geta?” I asked, looking over at him.

            “You pick. I’ll be happy with any names you give them.” He replied, hugging me tightly.

            “Crimson and Dimitri.” I said instantly and Vegeta just smiled and hugged us tightly. They were finally here…our babies. Now we just had to keep them safe from the stranger. Suddenly, Vegeta and I felt the energy spike again and we looked at each other. My eyes were wide with fear, and his eyes also showed some fear. I handed the twins to Bulma and told her to get underground or something. She told me that she already had a place to go and rushed around, making sure to grabbing everything that she needed before quietly telling us where she’d be and then just like that, she disappeared with our babies and Snow. I knew they’d be safe with her. Vegeta took my hand and we rushed to where the others were. They all looked at us with wide eyes, telling us that they were worried too, except for Piccolo of course. He just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

            Together all seven of us made our way to the surface. I could feel the power of the stranger getting closer and closer. I grasped Vegeta’s hand tightly and he made small circles on the back of my hand to try and soothe me. After about ten minutes of waiting, we all heard a deep chuckle. We looked around quickly until we suddenly heard Goten scream. I turned toward him and just froze. My eyes were wide with fear and confusion. There were two of them standing there, their faces all too familiar. I growled loudly and puffed my tail out, Vegeta doing the same. It really was them. Frieza and Cooler. They were back from the dead…but how…? Someone had to have brought them back with the dragon balls, but who…? My question was answered when a third figure appeared behind them. My eyes grew wide, and my two boys stepped back in fear. We heard a familiar laugh that sent chills down our spines. It was her…Chichi…

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