Escape to the forest

William and his best friend Connor run into the forest to hide because an evil woman is taking over the city. In the forest, they meet 6 other young adults. However, they are not alone. Wolves live in the forest. William has already faced one of them. At the same time, they are being chased by the military. Will they survive?


2. Kapitel 2

William was walking down the street with his friend Connor when suddenly his mom called him on the phone. She sounded terrified and not like herself. She told him that he had to run into the forest, with Connor and not come back before she called him and said that it was safe. He asked her what was wrong and why he should hide in the forest. He started to panic a little bit. “What about you and dad?” he asked. “There is no time, besides I cannot get in touch with your father”. She replied. William looked at Connor. “I will not leave you!” He yelled. Suddenly, a man three meters away from him started screaming in pain fell to the ground and coughed blood up. Then he died. William told his mom that a man just died, like right in front of him. She started to scream herself, tried to yell at the same time, that he should get the hell out of there. Then she coughed and there was dead silence on the phone. He started to scream into the phone, that it was not funny. That she should not scare him like that. However, she did not answer. He hung up, crying, and told Connor what his mother told him and that he thought she was dead. After that, they started to run towards the forest. They ran as fast as they could, and they first stopped when they were standing where the city ended and the forest began. They hesitated at first but soon ran into the forest. There was completely silent. No animals, no wind, no sign of life. Only the sound of people screaming in pain, which came from the city. 
They ran for a while. However, they soon stopped. William sat down and squeezed on his left knee. He pulled his pants up and looked at his leg. Suddenly Connor gasped. He asked what the fuck had happened to his leg. Then William told the story of how he got a robot leg from the knee and down.

He was only 16 at the time he met one of the beasts, that lives in the forest. He was running in the forest one evening when suddenly he heard some noises. He ignored it and kept on running. Then suddenly, he heard growling. He turned around and looked right into the eyes of a big black wolf. It was staring at him with evilness in its eyes. He jumped a few feet back and fell to the ground. It growled again. This time, you could see the big teeth. William just stared at them paralyzed. Suddenly it walked a few feet back and howled. Then he realized that he alive if he did not run. He stood up and ran as fast as he could without getting out of breath. Lucky for him he ran every day, sometimes several times. However, the wolf was faster. It caught up with him in no time. It grabbed his foot and he fell to the ground. He started screaming and kicking. He actually kicked the wolf in the head. However, it did not care. Because it was hungry. It went for it and made a huge bite mark in his leg. He screamed in pain. It was unbearable. He could not fight anymore. He gave up. But. Right before the wolf could make the final kill. Someone shot it, right in the head. It fell to the ground. A man came running up to him and the wolf. He checked if the wolf was dead and then he looked at William. However, before William could say anything, he fainted. He woke up a couple of days later. He was in the hospital. His mother was sitting in a chair beside his bed while holding his hand. He looked at his leg and was shocked. On his left leg, from the knee and down, instead of a normal leg, there was a robot leg.

Connor just looked at him with his mouth open. He could not believe it. After having expressed his impression. He asked if there were wolves in this forest and if they would come after them. William just looked at him with a sad look on his face. Connor started breathing heavily. He panicked. William forced himself up and put a hand on Connor's shoulder. He told him that they should keep moving and make some weapons. They found some long sticks and used a rock to sharpen them. They were only just finished when they heard sounds coming from the bushes 5 meters from them. No matter what it was, it was coming straight towards them. They took a spear each and pointed towards the bushes. They were ready to attack when suddenly a boy and a girl walked out from the bushes. The girl had red/light purple hair and big brown eyes. She was wearing an orange t-shirt with print saying ‘You Only Live Once’, blue denim shorts and flip-flops. The boy was wearing a black t-shirt with white stripes, sand colored shorts, and black Vty. His hair was the same color as liver paté. They were happy to see, that they were not the only people in the woods. The girl told them that her name was Alex and that the boy, was her little brother Max and that they ran away from the city, because of Ivy Cruella and the chip.

William introduced himself and told that the other boy was his best friend Connor. Alex admired the two boys. William was wearing a gray shirt, cowboy pants, and black converse. He had wavy blond hair and blue eyes. Connor was wearing a blue t-shirt, blue converse, and brown shorts. His hair was brown and spiky. Connor told them what had happened to them in the city and that they ran away, because of the chip too. Then Alex told them how she and her brother ended up in the forest.

Alex was at work when one of her colleagues came into her classroom and told her that Ivy Cruella had ordered that every person over the age of 18 should have a chip implanted in the neck and that she should hurry home to her brother and run away into the woods. She was confused, but he did not have time to explain. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the classroom and out on the parking lot. She ran to her car, started it and drove home to Max. She ran through the door, yelling at Max, that he should get out here right now. Dragged him outside and down the street. When they were standing in front of an alley, she decided to go down there, sit behind a dumpster and tell Max what was going on. He just looked at her, like if she was teasing him like usually. He said to her that she should not pick on him and that she needed to stop and tell the truth. However, her face was like stone, it was so serious. He asked her if she was kidding. She just shook her head quietly. He could see in her eyes that she was freaking out inside. He took her hand and they ran towards the woods together. On the way to the woods, they ran past several dead bodies. It was disgusting and Alex got tears in her eyes because she knew many of them.

When they got to the forest, the sun was already on its way down. They hesitated at first, because they had never been in the forest before, but soon ran into it. It was quiet. They could not hear anything, but their own heartbeat. They ran further into the forest but suddenly stopped because the bushes right in front of them were moving. Someone or something was hiding in the bushes, staring right at them. It started moving again, but they would not stick around and find out what or who was hiding. They ran and ran and ran and they first stopped when they almost ran into William and Connor.

William looked at Alex and asked if she was okay. She did not answer. She just looked into the forest. Paralyzed from the pictures that came up when she told the story. He walked in front of her and could see that she was crying. She was looking him right in the eyes. However, she was not responding. He slightly touched her shoulder and she jumped. He asked her again, and this time, she responded with a small nod. William concluded that they should find a cave or something that could hold them warm at night. They walked further and further into the woods. Not knowing that something or someone was watching them. Suddenly Alex flinched. The others stopped and asked what was wrong. Alex just told them to be quiet, while she was looking intense into the complete darkness. Max asked again, almost whispering. She kept staring into the coal black emptiness. She soon gave up, though. Max just looked at her, with a weird look on his face. She told them that she thought she saw something, but she could not see anything. They started walking again, but Alex could not concentrate. She kept thinking about the thing she knew she saw. Walking in her own thoughts. Suddenly, Max screamed loudly. Without noticing, they had walked towards a cliff. Unfortunately, Max was the first to notice. The other boys were right behind him, though. They all landed on top of each other. William asked if everybody was okay, but Alex did not answer. She was not with them. Because she had been thinking so intense about the thing. She had walked away from the group. She asked William if they were there soon, but he did not answer. She looked around, and could not find them. Any of them. She was all alone. When she realized, she started crying hysterically. Suddenly, she heard howling. She stopped crying immediately and ran while screaming the boys’ names. Connor was the first to notice Alex’ voice. They ran towards the loud screams. Luckily, for her, they were not far away. They found each other in no time. She ran straight up to Max and hugged him so tight. Then, out of nowhere, they heard another howl. She immediately let go of Max, looking terrified at William. He was like stone. While looking into the darkness he told them that they needed to find shelter immediately. They had no time to waste. They started running. Luckily, they found something quick. It was a small cave. They crawled inside. It was not more than 1 meter from the ground to the top. They had to crawl on their knees. They sat down and looked at each other, without saying a word. Connor looked at William, waiting for him to say something, but he was completely silent. Connor looked at Alex and then at Max. They were all quiet. Connor could not take it anymore. “I nominate William to be our leader, he knows more about the forest than any of us.” He said. “I think so too.” Alex agreed. Max did not say anything. He just looked at the ground. His face was between his knees. Alex touched his shoulder and he flinched. Alex got a big shock and she almost hit her head into the cave wall. “Max? Are you okay?” She asked. He did not answer. William asked Max if he was okay too, but he did not answer him either. Alex looked at him. “What is wrong? What is on your mind?” Alex asked. “Nothing! I am fine!” Max shouted. He then crawled fast out of the cave. “Max, wait!” Alex shouted behind him. He sat down beside a fallen tree and started crying silently. Alex sat down beside him and looked at him. She asked him again. This time, he answered. “They are dead, aren’t they?” he asked. “I do not know.” Alex responded. William and Connor came out and sat down in front of Alex and Max. “Listen Max. I know how hard it is. You think about the worst scenario. Many people died, I know. My mom is one of them, but I will keep fighting.” William said. “What happened to her? Was it the toxin?” Max asked. “I was talking on the phone with her when the toxin was released.” William answered while looking down at the ground. “I am really sorry for your loss, William.” Alex said while putting a hand on William’s knee. William nodded. They sat there for a moment. It was dead silence. Suddenly it started raining. They ran inside the cave again and fell asleep. 

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