Escape to the forest

William and his best friend Connor run into the forest to hide because an evil woman is taking over the city. In the forest, they meet 6 other young adults. However, they are not alone. Wolves live in the forest. William has already faced one of them. At the same time, they are being chased by the military. Will they survive?


1. Kapitel 1

Two years ago, an assassin killed the governor at a meeting. Nobody knew who had hired him, but it did not matter. The killing of their beloved governor was too much. Now, when no one was in charge, people did not know what to do. Because of that, all hell broke loose in the city. Everything was in chaos. People broke into stores, robbed banks and stole vehicles. They even killed each other because they wanted to rule it all.

Because of that. Everything they knew. Chanced, forever.

Almost two years after the murder, a woman came to the city, and she claimed that she could reestablish the order and the peace in the city. For a couple of weeks, she really helped the city and the people. She helped rebuild the stores, the infrastructure and helped the people reunite. They started to adore this woman, who was so kind even though her name was Ivy Cruella. Which actually means poison plant/flower and evil.

Because their last governor was murdered, they needed a new one. They chose Ivy Cruella who had helped them. However, after that, she changed. She was controlling and mean. She came with crazy accusations and one of them was too much.

She was afraid that they would turn against her and take her power and status. Therefore, she concluded that every person over the age of 18 should have a chip implanted in the neck. She told the people that if they did not do it, she would have them killed and that it only was a chip with GPS, so she could track them and see if some people were trying to leave the city without her permeation.


When ninety percent of the people have had the chip implanted, a rumor started. Apparently, there was a toxin in the chip, which could kill a human being. Later the scientist that developed the chip revealed that it was true. People started to freak out. They tried to take the chip out themselves. However, they soon realized that if they tried to take them out, the toxin released automatically. So instead they burned her posters, gathered in front of her house with signs saying ‘murderer’ ‘burn in hell’ ‘die’ ‘Cruella De Vil’ and wrote ‘killer’ on her carport. She did not do anything, just sat inside her living room, with a cup of coffee.

Suddenly, she fought back. She told them that if they did not stop, she would release the toxin. However, they would not stop. Because of that, she called the scientist and ordered him to release the toxin or she would have him murdered. Soon, people started dying. It was painful because it killed them from the inside. Many people lost some of their family. However, she did not care. Even though many people were murdered, she still ordered that everyone should have a chip implanted. Almost everybody had the chip implanted. However, there were eight young adults how refused to get the chip implanted in the neck. 

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