Songfic Competition Entry

Put the Gun Down ~Andy Black

Red for swearing, drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts/ actions, and Violence


2. Why?

~Juliet's POV~ 

Maybe I was over reacting I thought to myself as I ran into the cold rain. No! I don't care you don't write a song about having a horrible life when you have a loving caring girlfriend! It's not right! If he was unhappy he should have told me not let the world assume that he's miserable! But I can't get the look of him crying out of my mind. I've only seen him cry once, and that was when he proposed to me. The wedding...I look down at my sparkling engagement ring and without thinking I pull it off my finger and put it on the antenna of his car. He can have it...I don't want it. I imagine him approaching his car and seeing it. He would without a doubt star crying again, but to my surprise I don't feel bad. "Well if his life's so bad with me in it maybe it will be better without me", I mutter to my self as I turn down the street to the bus stop. Who needs him I'll be fine on my own.


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