Songfic Competition Entry

Put the Gun Down ~Andy Black

Red for swearing, drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts/ actions, and Violence


3. Fresh Regrets

~Andy's Pov~

I stay for a while longer, downing shot after shot, drink after drink. I know I shouldn't but anything that will numb the pain sounds like a good idea to me right now. Bottle after bottle I gulp down the bitter liquid, it stings as it goes down my throat and nausea starts to flow over my body. I take one more shot when I can take it anymore. I rush to the bathroom as everything I eaten escapes my body. After vomiting for what felt like hours, I stand up, dizzy, I can't walk straight. The bar tender at the restaurant tells me I can't drive, I start to say i'm fine when the darkness starts to consume me next thing I know my legs go limp and i'm laying on the floor. I don't think much of it as I quickly fall asleep hoping maybe when I wake up it will all be a dream and ill be at home, with Juliet sleeping next to me.


~the next morning~


"What the hell?!" I say to myself as I sit up. Imeditly I feel an emense pain in my head. "A hangover, Great" I say rolling my eyes. I start to look around and I see nobody. To the right of me there is a note scribbled on a napkin


    You passed out late last night. I lost count of how many drinks you had so they're on the house. Please leave when you wake up the door will lock behind you. 


   - Management"


I put the note down and put my face in my hands, as the crushing wave of reality came over me again. Juliet's gone, the weddings off, she broke up with me...I know I shouldn't have acted like that to her, ignoring her rage and not telling her how, but she didn't have the right to tell me how to make my music. A sudden wave of anger engulfs me as I scream"All over a stupid song She put me through all this because I wrote a song, THAT'S MY FUCKING JOB " I scream to no one in particular. Maybe I Do regret writing that song, I think to myself, "or maybe I regret proposing to someone so sensitive and insecure that they have to criticize my job to make themselves feel better" I mutter, as I run out the door to my car. I take one look at my car before I break down into tears again and all my fire like anger is quickly extinguished. "Her ring..." I whisper to myself as I stare at the black diamond engagement ring I gave to her only three months ago. 






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