The disease.

A group of people fighting for a cure.


1. The Unknown

Day 1

Today was Sunday it's my working day I woke up in a bed,soft and hard when to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and do what I always do but today was different i opened the door there was no one in sight I when out closed the door and ignore the surrounding but slowly more and more nervous and scared I become,no one was in the streets,I wondered why and suddenly a sound came from inside a house I knocked the door and said 'hello?' No one answered and footsteps came slowly behind me I slowly turned behind and a skeleton with a weapon in his hand he pointed it at me and getting ready to open fire,I used my work bag and hit him in the face I dropped my bag quickly and ran straight back home closed the door barricaded the windows everything that they can come in from, I when in my bed room and hided inside my wardrobe trying to calm down and wishing that It was all a dream and slowly I falled asleep.

Day 2

Today was Saturday it was my free day i woke up and found myself in a wardrobe and it suddenly reminded me of the skeleton,I slowly came out of my wardrobe and opened the door slowly came down the stairs and took a knife in the kitchen and slowly peek out the door,I did not see the skeleton so slowly I unbarricade the door and when outside people were walking in the streets and I was so happy I let out a relief that it was all a dream I when back inside my house and locked the door and put away the knife do what I always do,after I am done i when outside and walked along the road,taking out my phone from my pocket and called my Friend Alex we studied together since young we were best friends I called him and he invited me to go to his house,After walking there I rang the door bell he opened the door and we hugged each other it has been quite long we haven't met we were so busy we drank wine and talked about our school days,moments later I suddenly realise that the other day I was dreaming of me asleep inside my wardrobe and I still wake up from my wardrobe and barricading the windows and doors that was making me nervous because if it was a dream I should be waking up in my bed and the doors shouldn't be barricaded,I told Alex about this and he told me that he had the same dream that he also woke up in a wardrobe and barricaded the doors and window we both were so scared and curious,we discussed about this problem and he told me that we shall stay together and see what will happen we when to bed and wishing that it will be fine.

Day 3

Today is Monday I woke up and I turned my head to the left Alex was asleep on the next bed and I focused on the surrounding I left my bed,my heart beating faster and faster I suppose that I'm in a hospital,no one was there no patients Nor Nurses even Doctors only me and Alex I quickly woke Alex up he opened his eyes and told me 'what?' I quickly pulled him out of bed and he saw the surrounding he told me that why we are in the hospital and there's no one I told him that we might be inside this weird dream we were so scared and slowly walked and looked around and slowly a sound came from behind we look and slowly 2 skeletons armed with weapons looked at us angrily and chased us we ran and ran down the stairs and rushed to the exit we closed the door and ran,the skeletons were still chasing after us we ran and ran we don't know what to do we suddenly saw a military base nearby we ran inside and quickly find weapons Alex found a RPG and I found a shotgun what a luck but Alex told me that he need RPG ammo we found and found and finally found 3 of it we were not skilled shooters but we trained in military before and the skeletons found us and rushed straight to us Alex gave a launch and boom!One of the skeleton exploded into pieces and the other one is still rushing towards us Alex launched once more but the skeleton suddenly vanished in mid air we suppose that we defeated them,we planned to stay in the military base and search for more supplies...

Day 4

Today is Tuesday we have done finding supplies and it started to rain we looked into the sky the clouds were different we still have not figure out where we are,we stayed in the military base and reloaded our weapons we found some backpacks to put our stuff in,it is very useful to us,moments later Alex noticed a big scary storm not far away from here we started to panicked we quickly pack our stuff and ran out from the entrance and ran to a safer place we had to stay alive in any cause there might be other people that is having this weird problem as us,a hotel was nearby we when in the hotel and closed the entrance locked it up and ran to the 5th floor,there were two beds for both of us we laid our items beside our bed and lied down,we were still not sure what to do and we were not sure if there were others.

Day 5

Alex woke me up and I ask if everything is alright he said that he don't know yet,we both took our backpacks and opened the door softly,a helper walked pass us and said 'Do you need help?' We said no and asked her if she saw skeletons she said that we are crazy and walked away we suppose it's all fine now,we walked out the entrance and everything was fine I decided that me and Alex should stay in my house,we took a taxi back to my home,finnaly we are outside my house I took my keys and opened the door we both when in and I locked the door,moments later someone knocked the door i opened it and a strange woman with a weird tracking device in her hand and said 'Did you have a dream of yourself in a weird place with a skeleton chasing you?' With a shock and curiousness I said yes she said that she finnaly found me and then Alex came down he asked who she is I said that she know our dream,she said that if she could come in,I let her in and I locked the door I asked who is she and how did she know about the dream she told us to sit down and we did what she told us to,she said that her name is Sarah and we told her our name,she told us that she has been having this for 3 months,we asked her that if it was a dream she told us it was not a dream when we sleep we will enter a dimension and the next day we will be in the dimension and when we sleep again we will enter the human world again she told us only some people will be chosen to go to the dimension some will die some will live we were scared and ask if there are others she said that it might be possible because she found us,there would be more,we had to be together always to have more chance of survival she said that there might be a reason for this.

Day 6

After a long discussion and fixing our weapons we when to bed,we decided to sleep in the same room,Sarah and Alex will be sleeping in the beds and I will be sleeping on my sofa.I woke up and found myself lying in a middle of a desert I standed up and look around Alex and Sarah was still asleep I quickly woke them up and suddenly a loud thunder roared upon us and I looked behind,a sandstorm not far away was rushing towards us I quickly woke them up and they saw the sand storm with a quick moment Sarah said that we need to find shelter Alex saw a nearby basement not far from here we quickly took our stuff and ran as fast as we could to the basement we ran and ran the sandstorm was about to reach us,at the basement entrance Sarah opened the door and we when in we used all our strength to close the hard door the sandstorm was pushing the door,we locked the door we were relief that we survived this sandstorm with us using all our strength we fainted from exhaustion.

Day 7

My eyes opened and I saw Sarah and Alex,they waked me up and quickly pulled me up I asked what happened they told me that we fainted and we have entered back to the human dimension I told them what we should do now,they said we should find others because there should be more people struggling to survive I took my backpack and getting ready to go,but before I do that they told me that I have to keep a open mind,I said ok,they told me that we are in a nobody island no sight of anyone I asked Sarah 'how?' Sarah told me that the dimension worlds is different so when we enter the human dimension we will appear somewhere different and when we enter the nightmare dimension we will appear somewhere different also.Alex said we need to build a transport system to leave the island and find others quickly Sarah said we need to join forces to become more stronger and finish this madness quickly,we explored the island and hunted for foods.

Day 21

It has been 14 days we finally have reached in a country we when to a restaurant and ate some food it has been so Long we have not ate tasty foods,after eating we when off to find others,after a Long time Sarah's tracking device finnaly detects another survivor,we finally seen a sight of the person Sarah's tracking device faced a old man,we asked if he knows about this he quickly brought us to his home,he asked how we find him,Sarah showed him the tracking device the old man said 'impressive' his eye was dark he looks like he never slept for years,then we asked him about it,he said that he doesn't want to sleep he don't want to see the skeletons he don't wanna die,we asked him if he knows what is this reason,he told us that it was a disease the ones that is killed by the skeletons they will die forever and never come back no one knows what actually happens to them,we couldn't believe him the old man said he have been having this for 3 and the half years he said that the disease is spreading fast day by day and one day all would be dead but if only they stay together,we asked him who had this disease first,he sadly said that he was a scientist he made a wrong mistake and started this disease the disease started from him he was the first person that got this disease he said he did not know about this disease but once when he slept and saw the skeletons he then discovered about this disease,we angrily said why he did it and he told us that he wanted to save his Wife they were loved couples for years we were touched,we asked if there was a cure he said that there are none,he said that its the fate for all of us,after that we bid farewell and waiting for the world to end.

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