The 5 Dimension

The legendary Wolf,Fareon,Enters a magical portal to save his love but it wasn't that easy,There was 5 dimensions to go through to find and rescue his love,Icion.


3. Spiritual Dimension:The Last Hope

The cold wind blows on Fareon with sound of blowing horns coming from a far distance.

Fareon:Oh my god..How Long have I been on this boat?

Awhile ago...

Fareon:Arghhh..Did I broke my back or something?...What the...where am I?

The eyes of Fareon seeing himself on a boat with a dragon head In front of it,Water all around the boat,The sound of horns blowing locating which seems like it's coming from north,Without wasting time Fareon stands up and start moving towards the sound.

After a few minutes...

A great force of wind rushes towards Fareon blinding him,The wave became bigger and faster,Fear rushes through the veins of Fareon,Suddenly a huge shadow came from behind and 'WOOSH' Fareon blacked out.

Unknown 1:Shhh don't make to much noise you will wake him up.

Unknown 2:My apologies but..Its weird.

Unknown 1:I know..why does he has..

Fareon:Who are you two??

Fareon looking at 2 Light blue coloured wolf staring at him with their blue eyes,They both were like ghost..they looked a little invisible..

Unknown 1:Greetings,finally you have woke up my name is Grundo and his my Brother Gruldo.


Fareon:How Long have I been sleeping?How did I got knocked out?

Grundo:You have been sleeping for about half a day,Apparently you were attacked by the "Dark Shadows"

Fareon:The dark shadows??

Gruldo:They were send by the 'Dark King' he lives in the middle of the four elements land,Earth,Fire,Air and water which you are in now.

Grundo:The four elements lives in a peaceful world but one night a black hole was seen,shockingly something rushes out of it and came down to our planet!

Gruldo:All the four elements gathered at the place where it was landed and there was a Dark figure,Purple eyes that were shiny.

Grundo:The dark king declared war on the four elements,He tried to gain control and rule our planet but luckily all of us worked together and was able to stop the dark King but many wolves were killed.

Gruldo:The dark King were unexpectedly strong,He could summon his own army out,If we don't destroy this King he will destroy us all and rule this planet maybe even the world.

Grundo:Luckily you were found by some of us,You were almost killed by the shadows but our members saved you.


Grundo:Each of the sect has their own elements,Each controls water,Fire,Earth,Air.

Gruldo:The dark King had a unbelievable power we call it 'Dark matter' The war between the Dark King and The four elements were bloody.

Grundo:The only way to communicate with the other sects are to go underground because the Dark King had his own army wandering around the place so it's very dangerous.

Gruldo:We tried many ways to defeat the Dark King but he was unbeatable.

Grundo:After us talking so much can we know more about you?

And there Fareon starts to introduce himself and the reason his here.

Grundo:It must have hurt a lot losing her.

Fareon:But I'm very sure she's still alive!

Grundo:What if she isn't?

Fareon:She means a lot to me..Without her I can't live on so..I would kill myself..

Grundo:Cheer up Fareon

Fareon was about to cry and Gruldo stared at the crystal on his chest,With fast reactions Fareon quickly covered it.

Gruldo:I'm sorry it's too shiny I had to look at it.

Grundo:Becareful! Do you want to become a blind wolf??

Fareon:Calm down calm down

Grundo:My Apologies

Gruldo:So..Do you have any sort of powers?

Fareon:Well..I'm not sure if I do.

Grundo:If u do that would be great!

Fareon:So where are the others?

A Wolf with a rough voice speaks:The land where all Wolf can bend water.

Grundo and Gruldo:Grandfather!?

Grandfather of Gruldo and Grundo:Hello my grand Children I'm back.

Grundo and Gruldo:Fareon We introduce you our Grandfather,Grandfather his Fareon.

Grandfather of Gruldo and Grundo:Hello nice to meet you Fareon,You can call me Gruceus.

Fareon:Nice to meet you Gruceus!

Gruceus:Gruldo and Grundo how did a stranger end up here? He looks...Weird...

Gruldo and Grundo starts telling their Grandfather what happened.

After awhile of chatting a huge sound of explosion comes from a far away,Fareon and the others rushes outside and sees smoke coming from a far away distance.

Gruceus:What was that?? Let's go there,Something bad must have happened!

They all starts rushing over to the explosion site.

After awhile they finally reached..

Grundo:This is impossible...


Gruceus rushes to an wolf with Long blue beard on him while the rest of the wolves were dead or injured.

Gruceus:Master!! Please don't die...PLEASE...

Tears starts rushing down Gruceus eyes..

Fareon:Why is Gruceus so sad?

Gruldo:The person my Grandfather called master..His name is Rulmus the 3rd greatest water bender...

Grundo:Grandfather was found by

Rulmus,Grandfather was abandoned by his on parents and was found outside the house of Rulmus..B..But now his about to die..

Grundo,Gruldo and some of the other wolves broke down in tears..


Gruceus:Yes master?

Rulmus:Promise me...You must keep the Fire,Air,Earth and Water sect United...

Gruceus:I promise my Father!

Rulmus:You always made me proud..My Son...

Rulmus dies..

Gruceus:Rest in peace master...

Everyone remained silent and honoured the great master.

The next morning in the palace where the king and princess of water benders lives.

Gruldo:We are going to have a meeting with the king of water benders his name is Uture,He has a Daughter named Uraya I heard that she is the most beautiful wolf that ever existed!

Fareon:There is already one and always in my heart,Oh and yesterday Rulmus died,He called your Grandfather Son and your Grandfather called him Father,Didn't you say that your Grandfather parents abandoned him?

Grundo:Grandfather and his master have been together for many many years,Rulmus regarded My Grandfather as his Son and Grandfather regarded him as his Father.

Fareon:It must have felt painful to lose the one you love..

They reached the gate of the palace and Gruldo when to ring the gate bell,The gate opened and grucius came out and brought them to the king and princess.

Grucius:Remember to respect them alright?

Gruldo,Grundo and Fareon:Alright.

Grucius goes and knock at the door and opened,Staring at the one with a crown and he other one with a more beautiful crown,They must be the king and princess!

Gruldo,Grundo,Grucius and Fareon:Greetings to you both our king and princess.

Before the king and princess could speak Fareon interrupts..

Fareon:Where's the queen?

Gruldo,Grundo and Grucius eyes stared Wide open with sweat bursting out of them.

Grucius:Fareon what are you doing?! Apologies now quick!

Before Fareon could do anything the King speaks.

Uture:It's alright Grucius...You sir may I have your name?

Uraya:We sure your not from this place are you?

Fareon:My name is Fareon and I'm from a different world,I when through a portal and traveled through several dimensions and had a amazing adventure with some amazing beasts,I'm here to find a piece of fragment I need 5 of it as I only have 1 now.

Uture:Hmm interesting..Why do you need those fragments for?

Fareon starts to feel sad and said:I..I need it to find my love,To save her...I don't know how these fragments is going to help me find her but in life there is always hope.

Uture:I'm sorry to hear that..

Gruldo and Grundo whispered softly to each other:Fareon and the king and princess is communicating so well...Fareon is amazing!

Fareon:After telling you about me what about the queen? Where is she?

The king and princess starts to have tears going down their cheeks.

Uture:She got captured by the Dark King...All the four sects queen was captured by him...We all don't know what they needed them for...We all weren't strong enough to save them...The dark King was to strong..

Uraya:Unless someone can bend all four elements and bend the great power known as Dark Matter.

Uture:But that's impossible no one have ever been able to bend the four elements because everyone is fated to have only one,The dark matter nobody from the four sects knows how....Unless...UNLESS SOMEBODY STEALS THE BENDING METHOD OF DARK MATTER!

Uraya:But who?

Fareon:Um..Can I try to bend Elements? It looks cool and maybe I could use it for my adventure to save my love.

Grucius:Fareon..Are you worthy enough to be chosen to bend all the five elements?

Fareon:I'm not sure..

Before Fareon could speak a ball of snow landed on Fareon back head,Fareon looks behind and a small cute little wolf with light blue dress with a bright and Sweet smile.

Uraya:Samui! What are you doing here??

Gruldo,Grundo and Grucius stares at her and said to Uture:You...had another Daughter?

Uture:Yes...Please don't tell anyone.

Grucius:But why didn't you tell the entire sect?

Uture:Uraya can you bring Samui somewhere else?

Uraya:Sure Father,Take care.

Samui:Bye bye *giggles*

Uraya and Samui left the room.


Uture:I found Samui on a river side,She was still a small girl back then! I couldn't leave her there right? I can't leave her to die! That's why I raised her as my own..

Grucius:But..How would you know who she is?

Uture:But I know that she is a good wolf she wouldn't hurt us!

Gruldo:There was a Dark purple circle on her forehead...Don't tell me she's from the dark matter side!

Uture:No...That mustn't be true!

Before Uture breaks in tears Fareon interrupted their conversation.

Fareon:WAIT! If she is from the dark matter side,She could teach us how to bend dark matter!

Grucius:Oh ya! Why didn't I think of that!? Your a genius Fareon!

Uture:But we got to wait till she is older because she wouldn't know how right?

Grucius:Yeah..I'm afraid that she would go against us..

Fareon:But...I can't wait to see my love...

Uture:I'm sorry Fareon...This is the only way..

Grucius:Samui is our last hope Fareon..

Fareon:Alright then..

And there they all wait for Samui to grow older,Will Samui teach them dark bending? Or will she go against them? Find out in the next chapter!

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