The 5 Dimension

The legendary Wolf,Fareon,Enters a magical portal to save his love but it wasn't that easy,There was 5 dimensions to go through to find and rescue his love,Icion.


1. Fareon & Icion

There was 2 Lovely Wolf that lives together in a forest they had a awesome adventure in their life together,The female wolf gave birth to a male baby,It was no ordinary baby but a special one,His name was fareon he had eyes of a fiery Phoenix and claws that is orange what is more shocking is that he had a crystal infront of his chest!

No one dared to approach him because of the crystal on his chest,It releases unimaginable power that no one can actually see into it,There was some who tried and caused their eyes to get blinded,He was known as the fiery demon in his hometown.

He always thought to himself that his going to be alone forever when his parents dies,His Mother wasn't able to give him Sisters or brothers,She was shot by humans when she was hunting for food,He only had his Father left with him.

Years when by fareon was older and alone,His Father died and the Wolves in his hometown chase him out he had no choice but to find a new place to live,Walking and walking he saw something,There was a female Wolf with White claws wandering around she noticed fareon and approached him with her eyes like a iciery Phoenix,Fareon quickly stopped her from coming nearer and told her about him,She wasn't afraid of him and replied and introduced her name,Icion,She was known as the iciery demon who was also chased out by her own Hometown Wolves,What's more amazing is that she also has a crystal on her chest,It was so shocking that there was someone just like fareon.

Some years later they both were lovely together,But one stormy night lightning struck outside the cave lighting strikes came down faster and faster,Icion when outside with fareon something they never seen before a portal with 5 Colours that can't be described! A strong wind pushes icion towards the portal and flash! She was gone with a blink of an eye! Fareon was nervous and howl and howl but there was no reply,With no choices fareon could make but wait and wait for the next portal to come he was sad but he had to stay strong for Icion! He knows Icion needs him!

The adventure awaits...

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