aphmau x aaron

friends that fell in love with each other



                                  aphmau's is 15 years old and aaron's 16 years old but what will happen



                                                aphmau's pov

ugh first day of school! but i cant wait to meet new people and make new friends!



                                                she arrives at school and bumps into someone



                                                aphmau's pov 

oh sorry didn't see you there!


                                                ????? pov

oh thats okay so are you new here?



                                                aphmau pov

ummmmm yes! i am my names aphmau phoenix and i'm lost do you know where the principals office is?



                                                ????? pov

hi aphmau! my names aaron and would you like me to take you to the principals office?



                                               aphmau's pov

s-sure! (blushes) so how old are you?



                                               aaron's pov

i'm 16 years old how old are you?



                                               aphmau's pov

i'm 15



                                              they arrive at the pricipal's office! he gives her a schedule





                                                     that's all you guys

                                            i hope you all enjoyed and you'll see why its aarmau!




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