Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


18. Smiley


There was still no trace of Daniel.


I was slumping as I went to my locker. Taylor and Harry had gotten back together, which meant less Taylor for me. It was times like these where I missed my best friend, Demi. She understood me more, don't get me wrong, I love Taylor. But just because you have a boyfriend, doesn't mean you'll give him you're full time, you need to know how to balance things out. Clearly, Taylor didn't know that.


Apart from that, Mr. Feliciano had informed us that we had to meet up after school on Wednesday to try to do the play, practice without the script. It was now easier since Taylor was good with Harry. Jonathan didn't have enough lines because in the end he ends up leaving Luke and I for some others in the play. So the lines are mostly between Harry, Luke and I in the beginning. Afterwards it's mostly Luke and I, which is why I have been going to his house often to practice. From there, I got along with his friend Michael who was basically me. Ana, who I learned that Luke had a crush on, but has to keep silent because Michael was dating her.


As I opened my locker, something light hit the side of my head. Looking down, I saw the pink note crumbled up.




My eyes widen in realization. How could I be this stupid? So blind?


Lifting my head up, I saw those dark  eyes staring right at me, biting nervously on his bottom lip.





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