Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


1. Pretty


Selena's POV:

"Alright, I'll see you later."


I watched the blondie walk off with her boyfriend holding her close. Sighing sadly, I walked towards my locker with two books I had received from French and History. I punched in my combination and popped my locker opened; I threw my books in not before noticing a folded pink note fall to the ground. My eyebrows furrowed, I don't use sticky notes especially the pink small ones. Bending down, I picked up the neatly folded note cautiously. It couldn't have been an accident because the sticky note was intact, neat, not crumbled. There was some form of writing scribbled on it; that's when curiosity got the best of me and I opened it.

You're pretty without any makeup on.


I looked up to see if anyone was glancing my way, but everyone was doing their own thing. This must be for someone else, how could anyone like me? I've always been rejected, my last being the guy I liked for a year. I huffed and stuffed it into my back pocket, this is probably for Taylor. Taylor sometimes puts her stuff in my locker which probably caused the confusion. Plus, whoever this is should just give up. Everyone perfectly knows that Taylor has a boyfriend, Harry.




Before you start insulting me for liking my best friends boyfriend, let me explain. It started a year ago when Harry and I were assigned to read the same book for English, we got together in a small group. The thing is, I never spoke when he had an idea, but I did when someone else did. Despite the fact that I never talked, I started to develop a crush. Fast forward to two weeks later, we started to talk more, he did most of the talking because I got too nervous and began to stutter. That's all we are, friends not even close friends.


I remember telling Taylor all the things I felt towards this boy, everything that made me want to squeal or just stare at him and admire. All she did was laugh and tell me that one day he will realize that he also likes me and that we'll date sooner or later.


That didn't turn out as expected as you can see.


About 3 months ago, Taylor and I were at my place hanging out. A day later I had already sensed that something was wrong. She had some sort of guilt behind her bright blue eyes every time I gushed about Harry.


"Selena, I have something to tell you." Her voice cracked mid-sentence.


"What is it?" I asked beginning to worry.


"Yesterday, I was with Harry. He told me to meet him at the bus stop near the book store. We talked and had a good time, "She smiled remembering the event but her smile quickly faded as she set her gaze on me, "He told me he liked me."


I was speechless. You'd think that a bunch of thoughts cluttered in my mind, but it was in blank. It was there when I began to notice all those times I'd catch Taylor stare at Harry. She wasn't looking out for me, she was just looking at him for her liking.


I could tell how much she seemed to like him and didn't want to be that friend that comes in the way of what could possibly be a beautiful relationship. Since then they stared dating, but Harry still doesn't know I feel something for him. Taylor tries to limit the affections when around me and I really appreciate it, even if that sounds selfish.


Stupid note, it only reminded me of what I don't have and not am.


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