Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


7. Life


Another dreadful week of school.


I'm pretty sure, almost everyone despised Monday mornings. I think we all would love Monday if school wasn't there to make us get out of our beds early.


All day yesterday, Daniel and I texted. Defiantly more confident through text. He kept telling me stories and how he really liked classical music. Which in my opinion isn't the best, but I could say it does help me concentrate. I guess you can say that's something we don't have in common, he was a bit horrified by my choice in music, but he did say that he didn't mind Mayday Parade. I'll give him points for that.


Taylor had convinced Harry to be my ride from now on, which you could say is better than driving the bus. So now every morning I have to see the couple share a kiss and giggle at each other. I might not sound like it, but I'm actually happy for Taylor. Whenever Harry is around, she's all smiles and blushing. As long as my best friend is happy, I'm good. I know that eventually I'll move on and possibly find an interest in someone else.




Lunch with Daniel was better than the last reunions. He barely stuttered and cracked some jokes here and there. Now, I'm pretty positive that Daniel is the one behind the notes. He told me that I was pretty today, he began to stutter and his cheeks tinted pink. I just hope he tells me sooner or later.


"Hey Luke."


I debated whether I should sit next to him or Dylan. Eff it, Dylan doesn't even talk to me. I sat next to me and sent him a friendly smile.


"Hey, I heard we will be doing a play."


"Ugh, you're lying." I groaned.


"Nope, wonder who'll be the beauty and who'll be the wonderful beast."


"Oh my gosh Luke," I said in a pitched voice, "It'll obviously be me, I'm an amazing actor and I'm beautiful."


The blue eyed boy laughed and shook his head, "That you are."


I blushed, "Oh hush Luke. We all know it'll probably be Taylor."


"No, I don't think so." He said as he tapped his chin.


I rolled my eyes, "You speak blasphemy, may the Lord have mercy on you my son."


He giggled, "He knows I speak the truth, I don't sin."


"Whatever Lucas."




I made my way to my locker happily; end of school. Well, until tomorrow that is, but I'll worry about that later.


Opening the locker, a small blue piece of paper fell. Blue? Is the color telling me something? Picking it up, I unfolded, something I have found myself doing these days.


You brought me to life...



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