Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


6. Heavy


I hate everything.


And it's all that notes fault. Besides the fact that it basically insulted me, I caught Taylor and Harry making out. Well, it was more like kissing passionately which hurts more because they really love each other.


Just walk past them, Selena.


You always seem invisible so this should be no problem.






"Heyy... Taylor." I said trying to cover my irritation with a smile.


"What are you planning to do for your birthday?" She asked while leaning into Harry's chest.


"Taylor, my birthday is not that close, I haven't planned anything yet." Sighing, I looked over to my lockers that wasn't that far away. On the cracks of it, I could see a pink thing sticking out. The note.


"Listen Tay, if you have anything planned, I don't mind, but I really have to go." I said as I began to take steps back.


"Oh ok, are you ok?"


Crap, she's getting suspicious.


"Yeah, yeah, I just don't wanna be late. See you guys later!"


With that, I walked to my locker. This guy is so stupid, anyone could see this and read it. I pulled it from the edge and unfolded it.


But things were kinda heavy,


What? Hold up. I'm an idiot. All day yesterday I insulted this person for "offending" me, when in reality, he didn't finish his sentence. Does this mean he had problems back then? To be honest I don't see me helping a person getting out of depression with just smiling at them, then again that does happen. I'm not saying I wouldn't help someone, but I would actually have to start getting close instead of all smiles.


I just hope sooner or later I find out who it really is, it might actually not be Daniel. Taking my stuff, I made my way to my history class where I'd see him. Maybe he'll drop some hints.


"Hey Daniel." I said softly.


"H-hi, how are y-you?"


"Better than yesterday." Because of you.


"That's good, so... a-are we s-still me-meeting up during lunch?"


"For sure, meet me in the library?"


He shyly smiled, "O-okay."




My English teacher had just given me our grade: A+. Yes! Luke and I worked hard on this, it's safe to say, we deserved it. I had to go quickly find him to give him the grade because she only called me. Standing by the entrance, I spotted the tall blonde boy with two people, a colorful boy and a blonde girl.


As I began to make my way there, I noticed how uncomfortable Luke looked around that couple. I understand you buddy.




"Selena? What's up?" He asked straightening up.


"I got our grade for the project, here." I extended that paper to the nervous boy.


He let out a breath he was holding in once  he saw the A circled in the paper.


"We make a good team Lucas." I smiled teasingly.


He smiled and bit his lip, "We sure do."


"I'll see you later, I have to go finish another project."


"Go ahead, I'll see you in English."


I gave them a small smile and made my way to the library, where Daniel was sitting quietly.


"Hello, let's get started?"


"S-sure. I-I was th-thinking about writing of the typewriter. It's p-pretty easy." He shrugged.


"Bombs away." Gosh, I'm lame.




"So, we'll finish this on Monday during lunch?" I said as I picked up my research paper.




"Alright. Bye Daniel."


He didn't say anything relating to the note; maybe it actually isn't him. But who?



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