Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


4. Down


Daniel had given me his number in our last period yesterday just in case we thought of something. He was a bit more confident in text than an actual one on one conversation. But moving on, I'm caught in between the love of my best friend and her boyfriend.


She's really lucky to have him. Harry has always been a sweet guy, to everyone. He would stand up for many, that being one of the many reasons why I took a liking towards him. Aside from that, his laugh was just perfection along with his strong accent. Even though he's off limits, I can't help but still create false scenarios of him realizing he loves me and leaving Taylor. I'm such an awful friend thinking of that, but I actually thank God that that's not the case. I don't want a boy coming in between our friendship.


"I'll be right back, I'm going to get a napkin." Taylor lightly said, leaving Harry and I in an awkward silence.




Looking up, I saw a rather flustered Luke glaring down at me, "Hey Luke, what's up?"


"I won't be able to meet up today. My family and I are going out tonight."




"Luke, I was actually going to tell you that I can't tomorrow nor Friday. And... the project is due on Friday."


He took a quick glance at Harry who was awkwardly sitting there. Where's Taylor? How long does it take to get a napkin?


"Uh, gosh. I don't know..."


"My house is a mess right now, do you think just right after school we go straight to your place?"


"I don't think - "


"Please," I pleaded, " My house is always a total chaos, it won't let us concentrate.


From a side glance, I saw Taylor return to her spot next to Harry, him wrapping his arm around her instantly.


"I just, I don't - "


"It'll just be a one time thing, Luke. Please." I slightly pouted.


He sighed, "Fine." He gave in.


"Thank you, I'm sorry, don't think that I don't want you - "


"No," he smiled, "Don't worry, I understand. Wait for me by the entrance, we'll go from there."


I blushed, "Ok. Thank you again." Why am I blushing?!


"No problem see you then."


"Who was that?" Taylor spoke while munching on a chocolate cookie.


"Luke, my English partner for the project."


"I thought you were working with Daniel?" Harry tilted his head, slightly confused.


I smiled at the sound of his name, "He's my history partner."


"Mmmh," The blue eyed girl raised an eyebrow at me while leaning in and staring at me.


"What?" I asked starting to feel uncomfortable at the way Taylor kept staring.


"I saw the way you smiled at Daniel's name." She teased.


I rolled my eyes, "It's not what you think. It's just I remember the way he always stutters, which makes me giggle. It might seem like a defect for him, but I find it rather cute.


"Mmh yeah..." Taylor smirked as I once again rolled my eyes and threw a French fry at her.


I do not like Daniel.




I had 6 minutes before the bell rang, so I went to my locker to get my journal. This morning I was expecting a note, but surprisingly there was none. Oh well, he probably realized it wasn't worth it. I left Harry and Taylor at their lockers before making my way to mine. Opening it, a small slip fell from the side.


It can't be.


So I let my walls down.


Am I changing him? Am I making him act differently? What is it?


This will be the death of me.


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