Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


16. Complete


From: Daniel (2)
Did you like the chocolates?

I'm too nosy, aren't I?


To: Daniel
Haha, no don't worry. They were delicious! Then again chocolates always are.


From: Daniel (2)
I'm glad you liked them.

I just thought I'd give them to you bc of how well you are with me.


To: Daniel
C'mon, who could ever be mean to you? You're too cute.




I shouldn't have said that, now he doesn't respond.


To: Breadstick 🍞(no breadstick emojis)
I'm cold.


From: Breadstick 🍞
But are you really, Jersey? Because everything that you have said to me was just a lie until you left


To: Breadstick 🍞

Luke, there's a ghost in my bedroom


From: Breadstick 🍞
I'm ok with being a loser


To: Breadstick 🍞
👊🏽 bro fist


From: Breadstick 🍞 (3)

Why don't we just run away?

Would you want to run away with me?


Why in the world am I blushing? Then again, ATL lyrics would get me like this sometimes.

To: Breadstick 🍞
Why not? Let's kill tonight.


From: Breadstick 🍞
We're such losers


To: Breadstick 🍞
Let's be losers together ✊🏽


From: Breadstick 🍞
We shall ✊🏽😏

You and me beautiful 😏



Luke is literally such a loser, blushing I began to write back until I received another text.


From: Daniel
You too


"Hey baby face, have a secret admirer?" My older brother Alex teased as he dived into my bed.


I rolled my eyes at his stupid nickname, "No why?" I grumbled as I tried pushing him off the bed.


"Well because I found this," he pushed the familiar pink sticky note in my face, "You complete my whole life, oh you're so beautiful, oh please be mine my dear Selena, pleaseeee." He mocked.


"Stop! Get out Alex! Before I call mom and her chancla!"


"Ok, ok." He held his arms up, not before smirking at me.


"Wait. Where did you find this?"


"It was in the mail box!" He yelled as he left my room.


I opened the note with such delicacy, why? I don't know, but these notes have become very meaningful for me.


I'm complete.


I have to talk to Daniel, it's time to confront him.










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