Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


5. Before


As soon as I entered my first period class, I saw Daniel looking at me. I gave him a small smile and sat on the seat next to him.


"H-hi." He stuttered out.


"Hey, how are you?"


Ew, why is my voice too high? Too much for my liking.


"G-good. You? Anything out of the usual?"


He didn't stutter. Is he hinting?


"N-no," It was my turn to stutter now, "Everything's normal." I smiled nervously before pretending to look for something in my folder.


It's him.






"Honey, please don't yell." Mrs. Yue, our librarian told me.


I blushed in embarrassment, "Sorry."


I walked towards the blond haired boy who was reading a book - not anymore- chuckling at me.


"Hey, how about we do the last minute check?" I suggested while taking a seat.


"Sure." He smiled.


"Alright we have the bio?" I asked.




"Work, awards?" I said while looking at the list.


"Check and... check."


"Experiences and fun facts?"


"Check and che - wait how many facts where we supposed to have?"


"Uh, 3 why?"


He cursed under his breath, "We only have 2. Not a big problem, we could do it now."


"Sure, so we all good?" I asked.


"Yeah, just that one fact."


I took my phone out and searched up facts, not a big deal.


"My mom liked you." Luke's voice interrupted.


That caught my attention, "Really?"


He shyly laughed, seeming amused himself, "Yeah, she's usually strict about the people I have around, but she said you were a nice girl."


I scoffed and flipped my hair, "Obvi, am I not?" I squeaked.


Luke quietly giggled making me giggle, it was a giggling fest.


"In all seriousness, I'm glad your mom approves of me."


"Yeah... me too."



8 minutes before the bell, Luke told me he had to go to the bathroom, that we'll meet in English.


"Don't worry, I'll put it away. Go do your stuff." I shooed Luke away.


I rolled up the poster and tied a rubber band around it. Before heading to my locker, I got a drink of water; not before being stopped by a small voice from behind.


"Oh, hey Daniel."


"I-I wanted to know I-If you could stay after school today to work on the project."


"I'm sorry, I can't today nor tomorrow." I sadly admitted.


"Its o-okay, we can work at lunch tomorrow?"


"Yeah, that's great. See you then Daniel." I pat his shoulder before finding my way to my locker.


In the middle of putting my combination, my locker suddenly opened. I didn't even finished putting the number in.


The sticky note.


I quickly opened my locker and surely, a pink item fell down. He must have been in a rush, but how does he know my combination? The only ones who know it are Taylor and... Harry.


No, it can't be. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's Daniel. After all, he did hint on it in the morning.


Before you met me, I was alright,


What the actual fuck? Wow, he really knows how to make a girl feel special. Here I was thinking that I changed him, when he was actually better off without me. I crumbled the note and threw it in my locker before taking my journal and slamming my locker, stomping away.


This just shows that I'm not worth anyone's time.


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