Movellas (book)

About the 7 years.


5. 7 years later

Kelly-(calls kay)

Kay-(answers phone)

Kelly- hey sweetie

Kay- mother

Kelly- i still hope your not mad at me 

Kay- why would still be mad at you 

Kelly- well pl....(gets interrupted by kay)

Kay- mom you were going to give me away because i had an "attitude"

Kelly-im so so so sorry

Kay-bye mother(hangs up)

Kelly-(in awe)

                                      Later that night

Host-......and the winner is Kay Sanchez for best app

Kay-(crying tears of joy)

Kelly- ( in the audience, clapping)

Kay- thank you so much i would so not be here without my dad

T.J-( goes on stage and hugs kay)

Kelly-(starts to cry)

Host- thank you and goodnight everyone.

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