The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part Two

Continuing where I left off in Part One.

The investigation continues...

DI Cheung, Baak-Long and his sergeant, Lam, Zi-Coeng, are trying to solve the murder of a young publishing house employee. Is it the victim's ex-girlfriend? Her current boyfriend? Or could it be the mysterious woman that none of the victim's friends or family have ever met? Who is she? And where has she disappeared to? So many questions that just lead to more questions. Then there's the victim's corpse suddenly coming back to life...wait, what?


19. Chapter Twenty-Two

‘A woman, you say?’ I asked.  This changes things.  Circumstantially, it didn’t implicate Miss Lau as the perpetrator.  If anything, it points to her being a potential victim!

‘That’s right,’ Inspector Hau replied.  ‘The victim was a… Kong, Siu-Hong.  A twenty-five-year-old legal secretary.  Like the male victim, she had been slashed to death.’

That certainly sounded like the MO that our perpetrator has.

‘But prior to that, she had been restrained.  There were ligature marks on her wrists and ankles.  Her roommate reported her missing a few days before we found her.’

That changes things significantly.

‘Was there any connection to the male victim?’

‘None apart from the fact that they had both been slashed.’

Well, I could think that there was a slim chance that Miss Lau would not be the target of this geong si slasher, but perhaps that was too optimistic.

‘Any chance you could send us the file?’ I asked.

‘I’ll be doing just that,’ he replied.  ‘I’ll be putting a rush on it so you should receive it in the next few days.’

M goi saai,’ I said before we both hung up.

Sitting sat back in my chair, I rubbed my hand over my eyes.

Just when you think there’s nothing more about a case that could surprise you, along comes something that turns everything upside down.

I groaned.  Maybe it’s best that we continue the investigation in the morning.

I heard Lam pause from his typing.  ‘Is everything all right, taam-zeong?’

‘There’s a new development in the case.’

‘Will you be telling the superintendent?’ Lam asked.

I felt my forehead crease.  Was that a hard edge I heard in his voice?

‘Yes, I’ll tell him in the morning,’ I replied.  ‘It’s become extremely complicated.’

‘Complications seem to be the running theme for this case,’ he muttered.

‘You’re not wrong,’ I said.

I glanced at my watch.  The time was a quarter to four.  It felt much later than that.  And that meant that it would be best if I told Superintendent Chien about this newest development in the case.

‘I need to speak to the superintendent again,’ I said aloud.  I seemed to be taking up a lot of his time today.  Thankfully that he knew I was not the sort of person to waste his valuable time if there wasn’t a good reason for it.

I wearily got up from my desk and started to make my way to the superintendent’s office.

I could feel Lam’s eyes burning into the back of my head.

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