The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part Two

Continuing where I left off in Part One.

The investigation continues...

DI Cheung, Baak-Long and his sergeant, Lam, Zi-Coeng, are trying to solve the murder of a young publishing house employee. Is it the victim's ex-girlfriend? Her current boyfriend? Or could it be the mysterious woman that none of the victim's friends or family have ever met? Who is she? And where has she disappeared to? So many questions that just lead to more questions. Then there's the victim's corpse suddenly coming back to life...wait, what?


9. Chapter Twelve

After my enlightening chat with the police force’s patron, I immediately started telephoning the other Hong Kong police departments.

It was a good thing that I had a couple of old friends from the police academy in several of them. They were happy to hear from me, and were more than happy to help.  Unfortunately the ones I didn’t have friends in were a bit more unenthusiastic about digging through their records for old case files. While that was in the works I thought that I should inform the superintendent about the visit from our patron deity and what he had told me.

Unsurprisingly, Chien was shocked about the possibility of more cases like the one I was currently investigating. ‘He definitely said that there have been other murders like this one?’

I nodded.

‘I hate to say this but I shudder to think what will happen when the media gets a hold of this information,’ he said.

I had to agree with him. No matter how much we tried to keep things quiet, it was a surety that the details will leak sooner or later and the next thing anyone knows it’s broadcasted on every news channel and then goes viral on social media, which is one thing that I do not like about the sharing of information, no matter what Guan Gong may think about its’ development.

‘I’ve already telephoned several police stations in China for any of the records that match this case’s zok-faat.’

Chien nodded. He sat up straighter in his chair and said, ‘I’ll start making some of my own enquiries. The sooner we catch the perpetrator, the better for all of us.’ He picked up his desk phone started dialling a number on his own telephone.

He didn’t need to tell me that I could go back to work.

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