The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part Two

Continuing where I left off in Part One.

The investigation continues...

DI Cheung, Baak-Long and his sergeant, Lam, Zi-Coeng, are trying to solve the murder of a young publishing house employee. Is it the victim's ex-girlfriend? Her current boyfriend? Or could it be the mysterious woman that none of the victim's friends or family have ever met? Who is she? And where has she disappeared to? So many questions that just lead to more questions. Then there's the victim's corpse suddenly coming back to life...wait, what?


10. Chapter Thirteen

As I walked away from the superintendent’s office, I decided to it was past time for a quick bite to eat. Glancing at my watch, it was well past three o’clock in the afternoon.  It was only then that I became aware of the gnawing feeling in my stomach.

Perhaps now would be a good idea to go to the station canteen for something quick to eat.

After a moment’s thought I decided on a bowl of egg fried rice  with a side of marinated chicken.

Once I got my ticket from the till and paid for it, I entertained myself by watching the other officers sat at their tables with their food and drinks while keeping an ear out for my ticket number.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for it to be called.

I picked up my tray from the hatch and took it to an empty table and sat down to enjoy my meal.  I was finished with my meal in less than fifteen minutes and as soon as I’d deposited my tray in the dirty dishes rack, I was on my way back to the Crime and Security Department floor.


Having made the enquiries about the similar cases, there wasn’t much to be done except wait and perhaps review the details of the current case, unless there was another body drop.

I knew that it would be too much to hope for anything to have come in after only a couple of hours.  The most optimistic outcome would be at least one of the files I requested would come in tomorrow or the day after, but from experience I new they would more likely arrive in at least a week.  It was going to take some time for them to search for the case files.

If there was one thing I hated about cases like this, it’s the waiting.  In this instance, I was waiting to hear from the other police stations. 

Lam was catching up on some paperwork for a case that we’d closed a couple days before we caught this one.

The only person in Wan, Yeung’s life who has a solid connection to the supernatural world is is ex-girlfriend.  Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to look into Miss Lau and her family a little more, I thought.

Her mother was a native Hong Kong Chinese who married Sou-Zing’s father, who was one of the architects that worked on the HSBC Bank in the early eighties.  Mrs Willow’s Hong Kong passport was still valid when her daughter had been born, which entitled her to a Hong Kong identity card.

With a little digging on Miss Lau’s Facebook page revealed several familial connections, including to the writer, Lau, Baak-Lei; one of her eldest cousins.  Her public “wall” messages and photographs showed that she was closest to her only female Lei cousin, Heung-Ling.  No plans for holidays were ever posted and any photographs that she happened to take were always posted after she returned home.  She struck me as someone who was careful about the things she wrote about.

On the personal information section there was a link to a blog where she documented her experiences as a teacher and posts of what I gathered were her answers to jounralling prompts.  There was also another link on her About page; this one was for a social networking site for writers where they could upload their work and get feedback for them.  The biography section on her profile said that she’d only been a member for a couple of months.  Most of the fictions that she had posted were short stories, along with a couple of poems.

From the titles, the stories were mainly romances in a range of different subgenres, and some fantasy stories thrown in.  I quickly skimmed a couple of the short stories. They were very well written and though some of the words she used were a bit above my level of English language comprehension, the meaning was very clear.  I could see Miss Lau becoming a successful published writer one day of she truly wanted to. 

The more I find out about Miss Lau the more normal she seems, so how did someone like her get involved with the fox, of all creatures?  But something else bothered me even more; why would a man like Wan have been involved with something like a geong si?

Maybe Miss Lau could shed some light on this since she was the only human I know with any real connection to the supernatural.

I found her number in the file we were putting together for the case and quickly dialled it on my mobile phone.

She answered after a couple of rings.  ‘Wai?’

Wai, Lau loh-si,’ I greeted her.  ‘It’s Cheung taam-zeong.’

‘Cheung taam-zeong,’ she said with some surprise in her voice.  ‘Is something wrong?’

‘No, not all,’ I quickly reassured her.  ‘I just need to talk to you about something.  When would be a convenient time to meet?’

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