Game of love

What happens when high school is all about friendship, relationship and sex? how will things turn out for Bella?


1. The spark

School bell rings

"Bye Rachel! Bye Celine! see you guys tomorrow!" Bella waved as she walked out of the classroom.

She was on her way to find her boyfriend, Keith.

"Boo!" Bella shook her boyfriend's shoulder violently. "what're you doing baby?"

Keith, slumped on his table, "i've to complete this assignment before i can go" He whined.

"I'll do it with you!" Bella said.

With this, Bella and Keith worked on the assignment for 4 hours. Unknowingly, it was 6pm already.

"We're finally done babe. everyone has gone home." Keith said.

"mmhmm it's late already" Bella replied.

"Maybe... i should reward my girl for helping me with this." Keith smirked as he slides his hand up Bella's thigh.

Bella smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Their tongues met and starting dancing around each other passionately, fighting for dominance. Keith continued to explore Bella's thigh and eventually reached her area. he playfully pressed against it, releasing a moan from Bella.

Bella then reach out to Keith's clothed area and rubbed it with her hands. Both of them continued kissing while touching and satisfying each other.

Keith then breaks away from Bella's mouth and attacks her neck. He sucked and kissed it wildly.

"mmm baby..." Bella moaned as she pulled down Keith's pants to get closer to his area. By then, Keith was erected and it was very hard.

Keith continued kissing Bella's neck as his hands travelled down to her boobs. Unbuttoning her shirt quickly, he squeezed her full breast as hard as he could, earning a satisfying moan from Bella. He massage her left boobs with one hand and played with her clitoris with another.

"Give me more baby." Bella moaned as she grind herself against Keith's finger. Keith slides 2 finger into her clitoris and thrusted it in and out. Bella started to attack his neck, letting out moans every few seconds.

Bella hold Keith's area, rubbing it up and down, getting faster and faster. Keith was in heaven, playing with her boobs and her clitoris.

"oh my god baby, you're so good." It was Keith's turn to moan. Keith started moving his fingers at rapid speed till he could feel Bella's walls tightening around his fingers and finally releasing her juices.

Bella was not losing, Keith came about the same time as Bella, pulling her into a tight embrace afterwards.

"That was great baby. I love you." He kissed her on her forehead.

"I love you too."

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