slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


8. part 8

YOU DID THIS!” He screamed at the tall man. The tall man set the lifeless body gently to snow. “HOW COULD YOU! I WAS THE ONE WHO FOLLOWED YOU WHY DIDN’T YOU KILL ME!!” He screamed at him. Slenderman stood up straight and towered over the hooded boy, he had tears in his eyes. Slenderman has never seen a human in such distress like the hooded boy, and with a tentacle he lifted the boy up and looked in his sad face. The hooded boy kicked and struggled to get away from him, fearing he too would be crushed. 
‘This kid was the one who followed me. . .’ Slenderman thought to himself the scent of the boy’s brother was on the jacket he is wearing, ‘i followed the stronger scent but it was really him,’ Slenderman caught his mistake, the hunting instinct to kill overpowered his thoughts. Slenderman saw the struggle in the boy, the fight, the energy, the power. ‘i wonder. . .’ Slenderman thought, ‘how useful a human could be to me. The boy kept missing punches and the power to fight was strong, his adrenalin flowing, pumping through his veins. ‘The boy was not scared of me like the other children were. . . he was more, determined.’ He thought silently to himself. ‘what do i do with him, i killed his brother.’ Slenderman set the boy down in the snow next to his brothers lifeless corpse. ‘He can’t hurt me, even if he tried, but i wonder what he would do.’ Slenderman thought to himself. 
i usually kill teengagers because if they told another human about me and they believed him, id be in trouble, but i usually don’t kill children that often unless they are alone or unaware of my presence but this kid knew of me and is really good at taking in his surroundings. i wouldn’t be fun to kill him it would just be cruel, and i usually kill to eat. The kid is different somehow.



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