slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


5. part 5

Hooded boy’s POV: ‘woah . . . where am i?’ The hooded boy thought as he sat up, he was in the woods across from the park he waited in after school. He looked around, then stood up and reached for something that caught his eye. “its just a piece of paper.” The boy said. He touched the wrinkled page nailed to the tree, it had a picture of a stick figure man surrounded by trees and the word ‘no,’ written all over the page. “What am i suppose to do with this?” He said aloud. He put it in both of his hands and studied it, before he ripped it off the tree. He turned around to be surrounded by black tentacles covering every inch of him, until he screamed awake. He fidgeted around in his bed thinking of ways to protect himself until he remembered his dads butterfly knife. He had left it for him, He slept with it in his hand. Just to be safe. He knew it was wrong but the next day he decided it was best to carry it around with him everywhere, so he did.


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