slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


14. part 14

~~~Slenderman’s POV~~~
The items Hoodie held were clearly important to him, he started crying, i know he will cherish them for a long time. i wonder when he will get comfortable with the living situation when we get to the mansion. im surprised he hasn’t been getting sick around me, after a while when i approach humans they get sick and cough or spit blood. i think hes too young to get it, most of my older victims get it, children usually don’t. 

We got to the house after a night of walking in the snow, i was cold and Slenderman looked tired, but not so much. it wasn’t much of a house, it was more like a mansion. it was very empty inside, very dark and secluded from the public. There were no roads that lead to it either, and when we went inside the front door were a little bit damaged, but we could still manage to get in and lock it. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the wooden floors were cracked and damaged, “Go look around and make yourself at home, for this is now.” Slender told me. i began to walk on the ground level into the rooms, a lot of which had doors that were just laying next to the door frame because they were broken off their hinges. 

i walk into this room, it was small there was one slightly medium-sized, placed perfectly in the middle of the wall with dark red curtains covering it slightly. There was a mattress with dark sheets and a thick quilt thrown and place awkwardly on the bed. The bed was place on a box-frame and sat on the floor. This is my new room.

                                 ~~~ 5 years later~~~

Today i watched Slenderman bring in a few kills, his normal amount for the week. i sat on the couch reading a paper. i notice the date to the paper, my birthday was a few days ago, i turned 16. i got up off the couch and followed him to the basement where he kept bodies neatly stored. “Hey, haven’t talked to you in a while,” i laughed over my coughing. “Yes, it has been long since we’ve had a conversation Hoodie.” He replied placing one body on top of another. i have taken to the name Hoodie quite well, my old name reminds me too much about me. . . *cough cough* “You know Hoodie, you’ve had that cough for a while now . . . maybe you should see one of those doctors.” i guess he’s right but i haven’t been to a doctor in years i don’t have any insurance to see one, i don’t have a human guardian to take me either. *Coughing* “Your funny Slender, but did you know it was my birthday a few days ago?” i asked him, he dropped the body and looked up from where i was sitting on the staircase. “Really? Hmm, i did not know. How old are you now.” “16,” i answered. “Happy 16th birthday Hoodie.” He told me. “Thanks, i think im going to go for a walk in a bit.” i told him smiling. “Alright, just be careful.” 

‘screw walking i want to go to town i know there is one near by here, maybe i’ll walk there.’ i thought as i headed to my room. i got out some scissors and started cutting holes in this big black beanie one of Slenderman’s victims had on,i cut a frown smile in it, then i cut those shapes out of my red curtain and sewd them to it. it looked really cool, so i wore it for my walk. This is good, no one will know what i look like now. i pulled the Beanie down over my face and put my hood on like usual. 

i walked for about 5 miles through the forest and came across a small town. i saw a man about 20 went in and out of this ‘Doctors Office” when got out he had a small orange bottle filled with pills to the top, he stopped at the curb before crossing the street to his car, took about 5 of them out and ate them dry. He had a cough just like mine. i was about to start walking toward the doctors office when Slenderman appeared behind me and pulled me down on my knees where i was. “Ugh, what now.” i asked him. “Do not follow him, that is Tim.” he looked down at me saying. “Tim is interesting, he has what you have, that cough that you have. i have been stalking him for a while and been very caught up with his friends, Hes 20, he seems to have the same similar interest with me, as you do.” He told me. “His friends hate me, Tim hates me and they all want me gone.” he said. “i think you are alright,” i told him coughing quietly. “Hehe sure you do.” He said ‘laughing.’ 

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