Simply Meant to be


1. The Night Before

Ashleigh's pov: It had been a few months since I found the love of my life. I know that sounds crazy coming from a 15 year old girl but it's true and I know it. He's everything I ever wanted in a guy. Funny, sweet, good looking, has the same style as me, accepts me for me, doesn't just want sex, and loves anime. Tomorrow is the day I finally get to see him. I lay in my dark quiet room longing to see him, feel his touch, hear his amazing voice, and just get to hold him and love him.

Jonah's pov: Ashleigh. She really is the girl of my dreams. My love for her is absolutely crazy. She runs through my mind day and night making me fall head over heels for her more and more each day. I could not ever point out a flaw on the outside nor inside of her. She is just perfect. No one has ever made me feel the way she does. Every time I look into her eyes I get lost. I just picture it now, when I first meet her I'm going to tackle her and give her the biggest hug and kiss. I can't even sleep knowing that I'm finally going to get to see her.

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