The Easy Way

When Max Walker finds himself trying to play a game the hardest way, he finds the game is not just a game. He was taken into Yandere Simulator, where he would see that at every twist and turn there was a secret. The real question is, is there an easy way to get out?


1. If there is a way in, is there a way out?

People believe in easy. I used to be as naieve as them, if the truth must be told. I was only a boy at the time. I am still here, in this game. Once upon a time...


I walked to school as always. It was the beginning of the year, and a new start for me. We had just moved here, to Japan, from the United Kingdom. My accent was clearly baffling them, but I already knew Japanese. It was okay for me. The hardships of the school was fitting in. The lockers were right when you walk in the door, and I was often shoved into them. But it was okay. I'm used to it. However, there was one girl that interested me. She was often looking at a guy, and that guy was me. Often I see her snapping a photo, but it seemed rude to ask what was up at first. Then I asked people, and they didn't know. She had a great rep, better than mine, being the new kid. As I look around her, she wasn't there. I had a moment of peace under a big cherry blossom tree behind the school. Before i close my eyes, I see a girl running to me. "Ben!" She cries. I rush to my feet. "Is everything alright?!" She nods. "I-I have a question.." she says, blushing. She wasn't the mysterious girl, so I had no interest in her. "Yes?" She looks in my eyes. "Will you be my senpai?" the girl says with a bright smile. Inwardly I groan. "I apologize, but no. I will not date someone I do not truly love." I walk away and into the girl. "Oh! I apologize." I say, helping her stand. It was Yandere. "D-do not be sorry." She says with blush going across her cheeks. I can't help but smile. "I was wondering, do you...?" She looks eager to hear what I'm asking, and I chuckle. "Will you go to the dance with me?" She gasps, then giggles. "Yes! Of course!" I feel her jump up and hug me as I laugh and hug back. But something felt wrong... 


The dance passed, and it was fine. However, students were dying. Girls, more specifically. Yandere did not seem to be bothered by it and continued with her day. I had made more friends and was having a perfect life there. However, a guy ran up to me. "This is a game!" He yelled at me. "You're playing a game?" I ask, confused. "No, you are! And we need you out!" By now, I thought he was phycho. "Are you alright?" I ask and he shakes his head. "No, I'm not. We- as in you and me- are in a video game!" I feel a sudden jolt, memories flooding back. Being sucked in... my mind wiped... It all made sense now. "What do we do? Is there a way out?" He nods. "This game is just in beta version. But we need to get out before they make it advanced, and worse, with an ending!" I was a little more confused. What happens then...?" I ask cautiously. "We are trapped here, forever."

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