It is about an boy that fenchers out in the wastland and hope he duent die


5. Day 35 Hell goes loose

It started when rush hour was over and everyone was were they what to be then something got out of the last floor nothing bad happened yet but people were getting suspicious why only seven are not in the floor out of 17.Thank god they don't know I got sent down their two help the people that get injured or killed.But ween the second rush hour was beginning all hell got louse first the things attack the people in the water sechon of the vault the they hit the gun shop and the Dr. office.I was in the gus shop when it happen their like some kind of bug I only knew the cage number was on the danger level and what it does  but that all I need to now I should run out there were one of the highest ones in their they can dig in hard idioms like rock,wood,and iron! Because are vault is made from iron I not surprised they got in but the thing that scares me when Its bites you it could kill you by drinking your blood to having asset on you and poison but the worst when it bites you it could put it eggs in your bloodstream and when they hatch and eat you inside out but it dint got me so I am fine but I should get out of here I have and 4 stempakes and radisson bags.Well here I go.

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