Overcooked and Unsalted

dramatic, romantic, sexy, hot true!


1. Blind Love

It is 11pm already and he is two points back after the polls. Olivia has not voted for him. But why, they are having a fight. Olivia, who is blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, was his girlfriend for six months now. Justin's girlfriend. Although they have never met or seen each other - living on two different continents works like poison on a relationship - both were certain that they love each other. Although many were against the relationship at the beginning, his sister Julie, bff Amy and also Carla, everybody followed their public love affair. Together 500 K fans followed their relationship and were thus a essential, integral part of their lives. Unfortunately. Even though private messages were quite possible, most disputes were held publicly: "What is wrong with you?", "I do not know you anymore!", "You don't love me!". But also reconciliation and happiness were shared and celebrated: "Sorry", "I cant wait to see you!", "I love only you".

The next six months are beautiful - dispute, reconciliation, luck - the end of the relationship of less. For one more painful than for the other. But the morning the message from Carla came in, it was clear that their luck has come to an end. Only dispute, no reconciliation.

As if Beyoncé died, as if One Direction would have resolved, so the message has hit the fan base hard. "Olivia is a catfish and therefore the relationship is over. History!"

Instead of words of regret, lies or even a compulsive attempt to maintaining the former lie, Olivia said nothing at all. She remain silent and therefore left, confirming the accusations, a sad, destroyed and broken victim and five hundred thousand witnesses back.

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