Why not?

This is about my secret...My secret is I'm bisexual and I wanted to make this story to see if anyone is not straight like me.And so I can say to people that ARE gay,lesbian,bi,pan,transexual that you don't need to hide the REAL you! be yourself and NEVER be scared for who you really are. Be proud,be happy,be YOU


1. Be you

I can't hide it any longer and I need to say...I'm not straight I'm bisexual. And I wanted to make this story to reach out to people who aren't straight.I wanted to make this story to say "You don't need to be scared for who you really are!You can be who you are with out shame!If your hiding then your hiding who you honestly are!You need to be proud to be you! And with out you there would be nothing.You make everything better and brighter.You need to be happy and not scared cause you might be hiding your true self and that's not good.You need to be you and if someone tries to bring you down STOP THEM cause if you let them they'll hurt you even more and they won't stop. You need to raw the line to 'okay' to 'to far'. Be PROUD for who you really are! Be HAPPY to be you. and finally, be YOU."  

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