Why not?

This is about my secret...My secret is I'm bisexual and I wanted to make this story to see if anyone is not straight like me.And so I can say to people that ARE gay,lesbian,bi,pan,transexual that you don't need to hide the REAL you! be yourself and NEVER be scared for who you really are. Be proud,be happy,be YOU


2. be happy

To be honest You should be happy if your not straight since you are who you are."If you hide your true personality then no one will understand and love the real you! It's true that you and others will need to cope with you being bi,lesbian,gay,pan,or transgender. Who you are is very very beautiful and no one can change you and don't let any one do so or you will be listening to people who hate the true you."You need to love you and understand no one can change you since you have the power to stop them since your stronger than them and they know it that's why they try to pull you down.So promise your self that you can over power the people that are trying to pull you down. Say to your self "I can do it..they can't break me...if they try they won't be able to since I' stronger than them."Promise your self you can do what ever is posable or imposable since you can fly to the stars! you can fly away from the people who pull you down.Promise your self you CAN!

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