Secrets and Confessions

Lacey Pendleton is an average girl. She goes to Riverland high school and has amazing friends who will be there for her through everything. Right? Lacey has secrets. And only one person knows them. Her childhood best friend,Harry. So what happens when he asks for a massive favour that will control her life?


4. you want what????

Lacey's PoV:


The next day started off the same. Zayn winks and Louis sits next to me in class. I don't know what's going on, but it's weird. And I don't like it.


At lunch Harry and Chrissy had a MAJOR argument in the canteen. They where screaming at each other and throwing shit everywhere. It was all pretty amusing actually. In the end Chrissy stormed out with her pose and Harry with his. Again, don't know what's going on, but it's weird.


*end of the day*

I shut my locker and began walking towards the door when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into some sort of closet thing.

I looked up to see sparkling green eyes and a cheeky smile looking down at me. He flicked his curly, mop like hair out of his face. "I need a favour" he whispered. I looked at him and cocked my eyebrow. "And what's in it for me?" Harry smiled and raised his eyebrow too, mocking me. "Do it, and no one finds out about your secret" shit. "Fuck" I mutter under my breath as Harry smiles knowing he's won. "What do you need?" I ask, my voice filled with misery. Harry smiles again and stares at me before "be my girlfriend." My eyes widen and my jaw drops. Hold up. WHAT!?! "No dip shit. My fake girlfriend. Chrissy decided she wanted to cheat on me, so, I wanna show her how replaceable she is." He smiles at me again. "When did you turn into such an asshole?" I ask trying not to laugh. He laughs too. "When I started spending too much time with you." We laughed again before I looked at the ground. Harry lifted my head and looked me in the eyes. "Please lace? And besides don't you wanna see chrissys face when she finds out I'm 'dating' you? Not only did someone steal her boyfriend, but it's the person she hates the most!!" "Gee, thanks" I giggle. "Pwetty pweasassseeee???" Harry says with puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes "ugh! You know that always gets me!" Harry smiles wider "thanks lace you're the best! Oh. But you can't tell anyone it's fake. And you still have to act like my girlfriend even when no one else is around. Everyone has to believe and it's better practice for when we're in public. If you do it all the time, it just becomes normal and you do it naturally. K?" I smile at how he's planned everything out. "Fine" I smile and hug him. "Thanks lace, I owe you one." I look up at the curly haired freak. "Yeah, you do"

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