Secrets and Confessions

Lacey Pendleton is an average girl. She goes to Riverland high school and has amazing friends who will be there for her through everything. Right? Lacey has secrets. And only one person knows them. Her childhood best friend,Harry. So what happens when he asks for a massive favour that will control her life?


5. 'dating'

Lacey's PoV:


*next day*

I wake up to a knock on my door and my mum calling me to get up. Ugh. School. And today's my first day of 'dating' Harry. Ugh! I get up and get changed into white, highwaisted, skinny jeans and a tight, black, belly top. I chuck on my converse and brush my hair. I run downstairs and kiss mum and my bro before grabbing my board and running out the door, bumping into something hard. I look up to see Harry and smile. "Hey" "hey" I smile. We drop out boards and begin on our way.


As we get close to the gate we stop. Harry looks at me and holds out his hand. "You ready?" I smile at his hand and take it. "Let's do this" he smiles back at me and we ride into school laughing at all the gasps and the whispers.

We get to my locker before we hear a blood curdling scream. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!" We spin round to see a fuming Chrissy staring at me. I tell you, if looks could kill, I would've been dead seven times over with the daggers she was shooting. I smiled sweetly with a short wave. "Hey Chrissy" I said with I sweet smile. The steam was practically coming out of her ears. Now this, is what I've been looking forward too!


Hey guys! Sorry if there's no speech marks, I am putting them in but for some reason they're not showing up when I publish it? Does anyone know how to fix this? Please tell me!!

Lots of love

Chloe X

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