Secrets and Confessions

Lacey Pendleton is an average girl. She goes to Riverland high school and has amazing friends who will be there for her through everything. Right? Lacey has secrets. And only one person knows them. Her childhood best friend,Harry. So what happens when he asks for a massive favour that will control her life?


3. Chrissy

Lacey's PoV:

*skip to lunch*

We sat in the canteen eating our pizza and talking about cute boys and puppies coz why not? Just at that moment, in walks the mega bitch. Chrissy Tinderman. We have been enemy's for as long as I can remember. No one even knows why we hate eachother so much, not even us, we just hate the thought of eachother and therefore are enemy's. And who does she walk in with? None other than Harry Styles. They've been dating on and off for about a year. She's OBSESSED with him, but you can clearly see the only reason he puts up with her is because she's a whore and will let him do anything to her, if you get what I mean.

Harry sees me and smiles faintly but Chrissy sees and walks straight over. Great.

"Heyyyyy! Laceeeyyyyy! I haven't seen you in, like, foreverrrrr!" Uh. I hate her fake ass, plastic voice!!!!! I turn around and put on the most obviously fake smile I can manage and say "hey! Chrissy! How have you been?" Her smile drops and she says "look, let's drop the shit k? I saw you looking at my boyfriend and you better stop it k?" I raise my eyebrow and stop my self from collapsing on the floor from laughter. I compose myself and reply with "haha! No. Now YOU look HERE, I wasn't looking at your boyfriend, i don't want your boyfriend. You can fucking have him. And for your information, I was looking at your badly bleached roots, so how bout you sort your ugly ass hair out, then come talk to me? K? K." And with that I got up and walked out. Christ just sat there with a face like a slapped ass and everyone else was laughing at her. Bless. I walked to the back of the field and sat under the apple tree, not long joined by Laila and Emily.

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