My pathetic existance


1. a fun night

My name is Leah , I am 19 years old and I guess fleeing from a club in tears never really is a good thing.

Well, in my case it certainly isn't.

Tonight was supposed to be like every other Friday night.

Even better then most believe it or not.

The summer exams finished Tuesday and tonight was the first night of freedom. Freedom from the stress and anxiety of school. But of course the one time I predict how life is going to go it turns and slaps me in the face.

Let me explain, I walked into the club tonight arm in arm with my best friend Kelly.

Once inside I met up with my boyfriend of almost a year Harvey Dean. He was just taller than me and had sandy blond hair. He's my type down to a tee.

Once inside and with our group of friends we did the usual:

We drank

we kissed

we took pictures

and we kissed some more.

That's what I loved the most about being with Harvey, other than him obviously, was the no stress factor on nights out about not having to find an attractive boy to claim me for the evening.

Not that having a boyfriend stops guys from trying.

At about 12:30 at about an hour and a half into the rave of the year I decided to go to the bathroom, as you do.

So I grabbed Kelly and we went to the bathroom together.

On the way out I felt someone pull my arm. I turns to see a tall dark haired boy smiling at me. I gave him a confused look and he bent down in my ear and said over the blasting music

"what's your name?"

"Leah Daley" I answered.

"Well this is gonna sound strange but you are absolutely gorgeous. So why not dance with me"

I laughed and replied " thanks but I've got a boyfriend, and he's waiting for me so bye " 

I went to turn around but before I could he said  "I hope your boyfriend isn't that guy I saw you with earlier because if it is then I wouldn't advise you to turn around."

I slowly turned around and didn't see anything at first until my eyes landed on two people snogging in the corner.

I kept looking around the room until something inside me clicked and I snapped back to the couple on the corner.

It was a girls with long brown hair like mine kissing a lad with sandy blonde hair with the same t-shirt Harvey had on.

That was no coincidence either by the looks of things.

I shoved my way through the crowd over to them and pushed him off her.

When the look when his face didn't drop, his smile didn't even falter from a wide grin told me enough.

He didn't give a fuck anymore.

His look slowly changed and he looked at me with the most unapologetic look my tear filled eyes had ever seen and mouthed sorry.

I turned on my heels and ran for the door. At about half way there I felt someone hold me back. I looked up to see the guy who was flirting with me before.

When he saw my face he weakly dropped his arm to his side and gave me a sympathetic smile. I tried my best to smile back before resuming my mission to the door.

Once out onto the cobblestone street I turned left and walked down a narrow lane and slid down the wall to an empty heap on the floor.

I left my thoughts consume me. What if I never left to go the the bathroom , would I still be standing next to Harvey, his arm draped effortlessly around my waste unaware that he was disloyal all along. I guess it's best I found out he didn't love me . He was probably just using me so he was guaranteed a fuck at the end of the night.

Blonde haired basted.

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