The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


6. Why?

Luke's POV (for once!)

I can't believe that Abby would say that! I mean it was SO dirty minded! I might be over reacting but it was still kind of dirty minded.

"Oh come on Sam! You would've said that but worse if you were me! Besides, I still have to get a dirty minded image in your head like how you did in grade 5!" I can't believe that her friend would say that too!

I was going to step in and speak but then I realized that I was still a werewolf so no one would understand what I said. When I was about to bark at them to make them notice me, Michael butted into their conversation.

"Ladies! Ladies! Your both dirty minded! We get it!" Oh no, his eyes are turning black again! There are people over, seriously?!

"Michael, please not again. Please calm down Mike, you might scare Abby." Sam said calmly while looking into his eyes. After a while of them staring into each other's eyes, Michael's eyes turned back green!

"See? Nothing to be mad about." She said while smiling.

I noticed Abby with a very confused look on her face while Michael and surprisingly Sam, explained to her that I was a werewolf and that at a full moon I turn into a werewolf and that I can do it whenever really. Sometimes, I can't even control it.

Abby and Sam were sort of fan girling on how they got to see a werewolf and might get to see a ghost and vampire. Sam was mostly freaking out about Michael and Ashton because she used to be obsessed with vampires and still is obsessed with demons. Abby was just freaking out about getting to meet me because I am a werewolf and getting to meet Calum, who is a ghost. 

I honestly don't think that she will like Calum though, I just don't know why.

I finally started turning back into Luke the human looking thing and the girls just stared in awe. After turning back completely, I ask them "Like what you see?"

Abby just nodded in amazement, not because of me but because of the werewolf thing and Sam just shook her head no.

"Sorry, but honestly, I don't like what I see, maybe Abby but definitely not me."  I shook my head disappointment.

Michael's eyes were going back to black, what is his going on?

First, a 2 girls come to our house because of a day, second, Michael locks on of the girls in the basement and then gets mad when she talks to me? 

He grabbed Sam and put her over his shoulder, then walked back upstairs. 

Weird. What is his deal?

Sam's POV

What the hell was Michael doing?! I was just talking and then, oh no, I think his eyes are black again.

He continued walking until he reached what I think was his bedroom, or at least someone's bedroom and placed me in yet another chair.

"What's your deal Michael?" I questioned, yep, his eyes are no longer green.

"You made my eyes green."

"Yes Michael, I did make your eyes green again. It's no big deal." It really wasn't, can't anyone turn them from black back to green?

"Only one person is able to do it, someone different." Was he insulting me?!

"I am different, so what? Are you insulting me?" 

"No no no, In a way it's a complement." It sure did sound like he was insulting me.

"Okay then, continue."

"You can't leave, I think I have to kill you but just like me, you won't appear to be dead and you can do anything someone alive can do but you can't die because you already did. Plus, I think that you might become a demon too." A demon?

"How would you kill me?" If it would be quick and painless with no scars, then sure but if it was a slow or painful death that leaves a scar or mark, then no way.

"Well, I would have to get Calum to say some spells or something, then boom! Your dead! Plus you won't be ghost because you chose to die and you weren't a victim in a secretive murder scene which was something you didn't agree with." 

That didn't sound to bad.

"Okay, where is Calum?"

"Awesome! Lets go!" He yelled while grabbing my hand.

We went to the next level in the house and entered the attic.

"Hey Cal? I brought a girl, we need you to do some of your magic so she can die. Oh and yes, she is okay with it." Michael said calmly as the door opened.

The boy who was apparently named Calum stood at the door looking at our hands with a questioning look on his face. I tried to pull my hand away from Michael's but his grip just tighten when I struggled, just like last time, I  stopped struggling.

"Aye Mikey, I don't want to meet this friend of yours, just go and find someone else to kill her." He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Calum, I know that you have been upset lately but please just do this. She was able to get my eyes to turn green when they were black. Please Cal." Mike said with an apologetic face.

What happened between them? Why would Calum be so upset?

"Fine, come in." He said while struggling to keep a smile on his face.

Why? Why does he look so broken? 

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