The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


14. What's Happening?

Abby's POV

Why the hell were her eyes red?

What happened to her and why did they take her outside?

I can get confused really fast so I decided to ask the boys, it looked like they knew what was happening or they at least know something that I don't.

"What's happening? You guys don't seem as freaked out as me, why?" I asked with clear curiosity in my voice.

"She might be what Michael is, we don't know why though. I did give her something to drink though, it probably caused her eyes to turn red, it happens to Luke and Michael all the time." The other boy replied smoothly.

Luke just nodded in agreement.

Why does Michael always have to be mentioned? He kidnapped her! Well sort of but Aryana and Megan will think that I did something to her when Michael did!

I am not going to be blamed and punished because of Michael's actions.

Sam and I have to stay away from him.

"Okay then." I said.

"Oh, yeah. I'm Calum, the ghost. You are Abby, right?" 'Calum' said and I nodded to answer his question.

We all talked and got to know each other for a few minutes and I can already tell that I will not like Calum.

Great, I found two more people to add to my "I hate you list" which is really long.

I find it hard to find people that I like, I have my friend Julia, who is my best friend ever.

You might be asking, what about Sam?

She is one of the people who I can somewhat tolerate, she can get really annoying though.

She likes Doctor Who a bit and she likes Japan, so that sort of makes her better but not by much.

I explained to them why Sam and I were in the house and how we are going to be let out after an hour.

"I think it has been more than an hour, can I go get Sam so we can go now?" I pointed out.

"No, you can't leave, especially Sam, you both know too much, we can't fully trust you." Luke said.

"What? Me and Sam rarely ever talk to people and I got kicked out of school, so less people to even talk to." I told them both.

"Too bad Abby." The ever so rude Calum said.

He is definitely rude now.

I was about to speak but the door opened and Michael stormed in with black eyes.

"Where is Sam? Michael were did she go? She should be with you right now." Luke said with a calm but concerned voice.

"Ash took her to Tom, he said that nothing would happen if he stayed with Sam." Michael said through gritted teeth.

"Who the hell is Tom!? What do you mean nothing will happen if that Ashes guy stays with her?! Where is Sam?" I yelled, making Calum jump.

I mentally gave myself a pat on the back for that.

"None of your concern." Michael said once again through gritted teeth while getting really close to my face.

How did Sam not freak out when he did that to her?

"Yes it is you idiot, if something happens to her, I will get in big trouble, I am not going back to those terrible places again." I snapped back at him.

I was sent into weird centers to get unnecessary help.

People thought that I had problems with hurting people so people would call the cops and they would send me to those centers.

It sucked, he will not send me there.

I must of really pissed off Michael because he quickly grabbed my arm and dug his nails into my skin.

His nails were quickly piercing through layers of skin on my arm and blood started pouring out of my arm.

It made me sick to watch.

He wouldn't let go or loosen his grip, it would only tighten when I tried to get away.

Luke finally noticed and he pulled Michael away from me.

Then Luke grabbed my other arm (luckily).

"Let's get away from this psycho, come on." Luke said while dragging me away from him.

Why was Michael acting this way?

Sam's POV

 After about 10 minutes of me and Ashton walking in the forest, we reached a busy road fulled with honking cars, trucks and buses.

"Whoops, wrong way. Hold my hand, if you do you will turn into a bat when I do, we will get there faster." Ashton told me.

I slowly nodded and shyly held his hand.

I used to be able to do this with confidence when we were friends but everything has changed and he hurt me by lying and back stabbing.

I now knew that he was also lying when he said that he was human all those years back.

He must of actually did something when I was thinking because now we were both bats.


I was obviously scared so I kept on screaming because I couldn't manage to stay in the air myself.

Ashton noticed and put me on his back, so I wouldn't fall.

We were now piggy backing back as bats, in the air, on the way to a church.

I don't believe in God and I honestly think that is kind of silly.

To me, people saying prayers, are just people talking to themselves.

Ash knew about all of my opinions on God and religious stuff because I would always rant and stuff.

We were flying for about 5 more minutes until Ashton landed on another tree branch and turned us back.

"Fun?" He asked.

"Yeah and a bit scary." I admitted.

"Eh, you'll get used to it. Anyways, how have you been over the years?" Ash asked me.

"Okay I guess, I have a few friends, I had school today but I was dared to come here for an hour. It has been longer than an hour but we can't leave apparently because we know too much and I'm apparently special or different or something according to Michael. He brought me to Calum the ghost boy and he killed me. So yeah, life has been eventful." I told him.

Ash only nodded.

We stayed quiet for a while and it was getting really uncomfortable, for me at least.

"So Ash, are your parents vampires too? Did they also lie to me?" I asked with hurt in my voice.

"Sam, I didn't know if you would be scared of me, I didn't want to scare you. I was adopted, my real parents are vampires. My adoptive parents knew about me and they didn't tell anyone." Ashton said.

"I loved vampires! You knew that! You would always come over and we would do research and I would always read books about vampires and people who claimed to be vampires! It took a lot to scare me! I always wanted to meet vampires and werewolves and demons!" I yelled.

I felt kind of bad for yelling at him but hey, everything I said was true.

"I'm sorry." Ash quietly said to me.

"Really? If you were sorry then it wouldn't of taken you 6 years to say it." I shot back.

He just stayed silent, so I decided to speak up.

"I know I'm being harsh right now but I'm so disappointed, let's just go see the Tom dude."

Ash nodded and signaled for me to follow him.

When we reached the doors, they were closed.

I thought that the church doors were always open, but then again, I haven't been to church in 10 years so how would I know.

"Just do as they say, or don't if you feel rebellious. Just don't stare." Ashton told me.

Why would I stare?

We walked in and I noticed that all of the windows were covered in black tarp. 

Why black?

There weren't any people in the church, only the plastic dolls that you see in the mall and stores to show off clothing or jewelry.

I've always been scared of them so this was a bit creepy.

"Why are there manikins in the seats?" I asked Ash.

"Let's just say that Tom is a bit crazy and obsessed with dolls, he also happens to know magic and how to turn any object to plastic at any given time." Ashton told me.

Okay, now I'm kind of scared.

"Don't worry though, I'm here, he won't try anything. I hope." He says to me mumbling the last part.

I slowly nodded, I wanted to turn back so bad but I knew I couldn't.

I felt like I was being watched, was I?

Suddenly, I pair of hands, who weren't Ashton's, grabbed my waist, pulling me towards it. 

When my body hit the figure, it was cold, too cold to be human.

"Hey Samantha, I think I found my new doll." The 'person' whispered in my ear.

I was VERY uncomfortable.

"I'm not your doll and how do you know my name?" I shot at the low voice very rudely.

"I've been watching you lately. I stopped when you were 16 because things weren't interesting but now, wow, your not emo anymore. It was too hard to resist, I need you in my collection, you would look super cute. It's good that you're not emo because I have too many of those."  He said while laughing at the last part.

"Tom, stop and take your hands off of her. I didn't bring her because I want her to be plastic." Ashton finally says to 'Tom'.

"Fine, I need to find boys anyways." Tom muttered under his breath.

We were all silent after that.

"Okay Ash, what do you need then? Also, why is there a girl?" Tom spoke up.

"By the looks of it, she is demon, even more powerful than Michael. When she was happy, her eyes turned red, when she was sad earlier her eyes turned purple and when we entered, she seemed scared and her eyes turned black. I couldn't confirm her so I brought her here. Can you confirm it Tom?" Ash explained.

When Ash said "even more powerful than Michael" Tom's eyes lit up.

I assume he wants to help, or something.

"Was she killed?" Tom questioned.

"Yes, Calum used his magic on her. She can also make Michael's eyes turn back to green when they are black. All she told her was that she was different and she couldn't leave him so Cal killed her. I brought her here without Michael." Ashton told Tom.

"Thank God Michael isn't here!" Tom exclaimed.

I got mad, what did Michael ever do to Tom?!

"OOH! Black eyes! If she is the special one then she is mad. Correct?" Tom said turning his attention to me.

I slowly nodded and my hands formed fists.

I really don't like him.

What is happening to me?

Why do I get mad so fast?



Hello world!


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