The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


25. Is That Necessary?

Abby's POV

This is sort of awkward.

I mean, I'm sitting really close to a boy, in silence, on a couch, with no one else in the house.

Many things can happen.

"Well Abby, is this awkward for you?" Luke asked with curiosity.

"Sort of, you?" I replied.

"Same. I mean, it's awkward but not very awkward. You know?"

I nodded then pulled out my phone and started playing games, that weren't Japanese this time.

I was playing Bone Crusher, it's like Timber Man, but with a skull that tries to get bones.

It's a game to play when you're bored.

I felt a breath on my face and noticed that Luke got even closer to me and was watching me play the game.

"What are you doing wolfy?" I asked him, slightly confused.

"I'm watching you play the game, the game looks fun."

"Is that necessary?"

"No, not really."

"Want to play?" I offered.

He nodded and took the phone out of my hands.

He started playing and hey, Luke was pretty good at it.

"Wow, you're better than I thought." I commented but he just nodded while playing.

He lost and handed my phone back to me.

"Want to throw a party?" 

"Luke, there is a spell put on this house and we can't leave and I'm pretty sure that no one can get in either." I pointed out.

Like come on, it's obvious.

"Okay, what about when there isn't a spell put on the house and we can leave and get in?" He suggested.

"Sounds good but first, I want to see if the spell has been broken."

I got a text and it was Tom, just great.

I broke the spell so have fun. By the way, your friend can do some amazing things. You can leave and get in perfectly fine now. ~Anonymous

"Well, let's get this party started." I mumbled quietly but Luke heard and screamed in joy.

Why did I agree to this?

I sometimes question my decisions.

"Where will you get the alcohol?" I asked Luke.

I mean, you need alcohol at teenage house parties, it isn't a party without it.

"Oh trust me, we have way more than enough."

"I'll text a bunch of the teenagers in the area, a lot of people will come. The boys and I do this all the time. Just wait with me at the curb, just so no one thinks anything." Luke told me.

I nodded then made my way to the door and touched the doorknob.

I winced in pain because it was like it was on fire, it hurt like a bitch.

Luke came up to me and opened the door.

"Humans can't open or close the door from the inside." He told me.

I walked outside and he followed behind me.

I took in a breath of fresh air and it felt amazing!

It feels like it's been forever even thought I was only in the house for 4 and a half hours.

"Feel good?" Luke asked me, in response I just nodded and looked around.

Luke started walking a few blocks and stopped at a curb with me following him.

"When do we go back?"

"Um, I said to be there like right now so we should go back to the house in half an hour. Do you want to go get a dress or?" I started laughing when he asked if I wanted a dress.

"I don't wear dresses or skirts." I managed to say through all of my laughter.

We stood there on our phones for about 30 minutes until we heard two girls fighting.

"OMG! Starbucks is WAY better than Chipotle! I can't believe that you said that! We're also late so keep on moving!" One of the girls yelled in a really high classic white girl voice.

Total white girls!

"Starbucks isn't as good as Chipotle and it's not my fault that you made me wear the stilettos!"

"Well if you want to succeed in life then you have to drink Starbucks, stay blond and wear tall stilettos! If you don't then you will become a total loser! Do you want that Hilary?!"

"No Taylor! I don't just, don't make me become a loser."

Luke and I just laughed at their fighting.

To be honest, it was hilarious!

"Good, now come on Hilary! There will be some hot boys at the party in that weird house! Hurry hurry!"

We walked behind the two white girls to the house but we kept a safe distance.

When we walked up, there was already a bunch of drunk, horny, sweaty teenage bodies grinding on each other.

Typical house party.

"Well, come on!" Luke grabbed my hand and dragged me into the house.

It smelt of liquor and I hated it!
Luke lead me into the kitchen which was surprisingly empty but my blue tips kept on hitting my face as I walked.

"So Abby, how is it?"

What does he mean by 'how is it?'

"It's very loud and sweaty and it smells terrible." I pointed out to him.

He nodded his head then got 2 bottles of beer.

He opened them, then passed me one but then took it back and asked me a question very seriously.

"Are you a lightweight?"

"No I'm not, I have a high tolerance for beer, not so much other drinks."  I confessed.

I have a very low tolerance for vodka and wine.

Luke nodded and then gave me the bottle of beer.

"Just don't have too much, I don't know when the others will get back and they will freak out if they see that we're drunk so, be careful! I don't know if they will get mad at us for having a party though!" Luke warned me and I just nodded while taking a sip of beer.

It tasted so good!

I am underage but I have beer a lot with my dad, at parties and with Sam.

Luke and I just stood in the kitchen, drinking beer while waiting for the others to come back, which could take a while.

Randomly, a boy came up to me and started staring at me.

His breath smelt like alcohol.

He had pale skin like me, had black hair and brown eyes

"Can I help you with anything?" I asked the strange boy letting him know that this is weird.

"I want more of those brownies."


There were no brownies, what is he talking about?

"Sorry but I can't help you there. You should probably leave now and go home buddy." I told him.

He left the house and I turned to Luke.

"Why was he asking me for brownies?" 

He shrugged his shoulders and commented that they should be pretty good.

We stayed silent for a few more minutes until Luke started freaking out.


"I don't know Luke, just keep an eye out for people handing them out. Don't ask anyone that has had one because they are in la la land right now." I told him.

He shouldn't be drawing attention to himself considering he is a werewolf.

He nodded then took another sip of beer

I hope that no one else knows that this party is ours.

I mean, there are underage teens drinking and there are drugs in form of brownies getting passed around!

We will be in SO MUCH trouble!

Ashton's POV

I was happy when Tom told me to do whatever.

I left them to go into the closet, I've seen both of them get tested on.

These tests will only get worse and I don't want to watch them suffer again.

I stayed in the closet for about 2 more hours listening to them scream in pain.

The door busted open and Sam entered, clutching her stomach with Michael following her.

They were even more pale than usual, and they are very pale.

"We need to leave." Michael managed to say.

They looked like they were in so much pain.

I feel so bad for them. 

'What happened?" I asked them.

I'm actually really worried, this has never happened after testing!
"You three can leave now. The souls are connected and you two can test your powers somewhere else. You two are too powerful for me. Samantha is one of the most powerful demons I have ever heard of, good luck you three." Tom told us signaling that Michael and Sam shouldn't come back.

I nodded then tried to pick both of them up.

It isn't often that I have to pick up Michael and he is heavier than Samantha so this will be hard.

I put Michael's arm around my shoulders for support then tried to carry Sam at the same time.

Wait, can't they just teleport out of here?

"Not that I don't want to carry both of you at the same time back to the house, but can't you guys just transport of here?" 

"I can, she can't, I can take her with me. It won't be a struggle." Michael said while taking Sam into his arms.

I nodded then turned into a bat and took off since they will be there before me.

What did Tom do this time?

Sam's POV
I feel so weak.

So helpless.

So scared.

I don't like it.

I can barely even stand up by myself.

I could turn into an owl or coyote but it won't give me any more strength.

Michael took me into his arms then teleported us out of here, back into the house.

I closed my eyes then opened them and we were outside of the house.

It wasn't the same though.

My eyes are half closed and I'm about to fall asleep.

"What the hell did they do?" Michael asked himself.

"What's happening?" I said before yawning.

"They threw a giant house party and it smells like alcohol and weed. Were did the weed come from?" He informed me.

With me still in his arms, Michael walked inside and went to the kitchen.

Luke and Abby were there drinking beer and talking.

"Ooohhh! Sammy tell me everything that happened! Did you two hook up?" Abby asked clearly very drunk.

"Abby, stop, you're drunk." Michael warned her.

How did he gather so much strength?

I can barely move my arms, in fact, I can't even keep my eyes wide open.

"Oh loosen up guys and have a drink!" Luke told us.

"I need to sleep." I managed to mumble quietly.

Michael's POV

"I need to sleep." I heard Sam quietly say.

I sighed then walked upstairs to the top level.

It was hard to even get to the staircase with all of the drunk and horny teenagers dancing literally everywhere on the bottom floor.

I managed to get to my room and I set her on my bed.

She was already out cold, probably because of Tom.

I hate that evil bastard.

There were many side effects of the testing we were just part of including lack of strength and a sudden urge to sleep.

I decided to lay down on the couch and soon I fell asleep.

I still have school but today I was sick and stayed home so I managed to write this chapter.

I know, I do update during the night but I feel more energetic when it's dark out so, sorry if it bothers you.

If you are a fan of Abby then I hope you enjoyed this chapter, her POV was way longer than usual and I'm trying to make her POV's longer.

Thank you for supporting this fan fiction!
It's really nice to read the comments and see the likes because it's nice to know people are enjoying reading this!





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