The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


24. I Am Not Ready

Abby's POV

Well, I am stuck in a house that has been put under some sort of a magical spell, I am also stuck with a useless werewolf.

Could it get any better?

"How do I leave?" 

I am very impatient.

I am stuck in a house, alone, with the thing that I'm trying to get away from.

It's sort of like being trapped in a house with your ex boyfriend who cheated on you with your sister or friend.

It sucks!

Well, it never happened to me but I'm guessing it's as bad as this.

"You can't leave! What do you not understand? The only source of magic we have is a broken soul stuck in the backyard! ONLY Tom can undo the spell! It's the way he does magic. He makes it so no one can escape his spells!" Luke yelled at me, being very angry considering his did the extra steps of tugging at his hair.

"Why are you mad at me?! You think I even wanted to come here in the first place? My friend has been brought to some sort of wacko on drugs and I'm here trapped with an annoying werewolf! I thought that it would be cool to meet a werewolf but hey! You proved me wrong! They are just complete selfish pricks that won't shut up!" 

Without Luke saying anything else, he started turning into a wolf again.

Just what we needed!

Luke launched at me but I luckily dodged him.

"I don't think so! This is NOT what should be happening right now! You shouldn't be a wolf and you definitely shouldn't be trying to attack me! Calm down Luke!"

This has gotten out of hand. 

He went over to the door and sat in front of it.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, hoping he could answer me in English.

He didn't answer.

I now got you two to turn on each other. Just wait and see what I've planned! ~Anonymous

Without saying anything else, I walked up to the wolf, now 'guarding' the door and showed it my phone screen

Luke turned back into a human form and read it.

"What could that idiot possibly plan? He is doing a bunch of dangerous testing!" Luke exclaimed.

I blocked Tom's number and stared at Luke, in a creepy manner of course.

I decided to try to speak to him but when I opened my mouth, he started talking.

"Sorry for trying to attack you." Luke looked down at his shoes.

"Do you bathe in your wolf form?" I asked him randomly.

It was a question on my mind and I really wanted the answer.

"Yes." He replied very blandly.

"Okay then." I muttered under my breath.

We sat on the couch together, really close actually and stayed in silence.

What are we doing?

Sam's POV

No, I am NOT ready for this.

"Wait! Before you start, tell me what you are actually going to do. You can't just-" I got cut off by a zap of electricity.

"What the hell was that for?" I shouted.

Ow, he of course had to zap me on my temple.

I couldn't rub it because my arms, legs and torso are strapped down on the chair from the dentist.

Well, I don't actually know if it's from the dentist.

It just looks like it is.

"Shout and you get zapped by currents of electricity! Each time you shout, the currents get stronger!" Tom's voice yelled from the speakers inside of the room I am stuck in.

I looked out the glass walls but saw nobody.

"Okay, what is actually happening?" I asked, not yelling this time.


A strong current of electricity zapped the button of my nose!
"I didn't yell." I mumbled.


Just great.

I started getting really mad, so I'm guessing that my eyes turned black as well.

"Black eyes! Just what we needed!"

"Oh shut it Tom! You're a terrible person!" I yelled.

Oh shit, he will zap me again.

Great going Sam!

This time, he zapped my whole face and the current was actually very strong.

"What even are you? You can't be human!"

I got no answer.

Well, if you consider another strong hit of electricity an answer, then I did get an answer.

"Okay, I am currently scanning your body, struggling and extreme levels of pain is expected and totally normal. When I get to scanning your brain, well then you will be feel something you never experienced before. It's like breaking all of your bones while running a marathon. It will hurt and it will be worse than Hell." 

"Thanks for the heads up asshole!" I yelled.

Tom was right.

I've ran many marathons but I've never broke a bone in my entire life.

I've also never got stung by a bee, wasp, hornet or anything besides a horsefly or mosquito.

I have been told that I'm lucky but right now, I don't feel lucky at all.

Why am I even letting him do this?

The pain started getting so bad that I started screaming feeling helpless.

I tried to kick and punch my way out of the straps but nothing happened.

I stayed struggling in the evil chair that the evil Tom was controlling.

Luckily I won't be going to the dentist again.

Either way I wouldn't after this experience.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" I constantly shrieked.

"JUST SHUT UP!" Tom shouted through the speakers.

"TURN THIS OFF FIRST!" I yelled back.

I felt even more pain because he kept on zapping me with strong currents.

Why the hell is this happening?!

Ashton's POV

I feel so bad, just watching my old best friend be in pain.

She will be like this for about 6 more hours and the pain will only get worse by the minute.

I stood about 9 feet away from Tom with Michael at my side.

"Why the hell do we have to watch? This is cruel. He should be locked up for being so cruel." Michael commented.

"Well, you kill people for the fun of it. That's also pretty cruel Michael." I pointed out to him.

"I'm a demon, it's what we do. Tom is actually a human." He defended.

"Good point."

"Ashy, come here for a second."

"Well, Tom's calling me. Got to go." I told Michael.

"Good luck Ashton."

I walked over to Tom, who was at his desk with a bunch of controls for the testing.

"Yes Tom." I said to him, showing him that I'm annoyed.

"Well, you see. There is something that you can't anyone. Especially not Michael."

"Why can't I tell anyone?" I questioned.

"Well, I have to tell you, in a different room." Tom said to me.

Tom started walking towards a closet and I started following him with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

What does he need to me?

As soon as I walked he closed the door after making that Michael didn't follow.

"Well Ashton, I'm related to Michael. I'm his uncle, he knows that he has an uncle named Thomas who went missing when he six years old. My real name his Thomas Clifford but I just call myself Tom."

"You're lying Tom, you don't have any family."

"I'm not lying and neither of us are telling him. You can tell Samantha but no one else." Tom whispered.

"I thought you said I couldn't tell anyone." I pointed out to Tom.

"Yeah well I now I'm saying that you can tell someone. Tell Michael and I will kill you and kill him permanently." He explained.

I nodded my head and walked out of the closet back to Michael.

"What did he need to tell you? You look uneasy Ashton."

I can't tell him.

"Oh, Tom told me that her testing will be done in 2 hours, for her it's short testing." I half lied.

What I said was true but it wasn't what Tom told me in the closet.

"Are you sure Ashton?" Michael asked.

Can he tell that I'm lying?

I don't think he can.

"I'm sure, just drop it." I snapped at him.

He rolled his eyes then looked at Sam through the screen.

What happened with her was we brought he to the regular testing room and we left to go to the control room, so she doesn't see us.

In order for us to see her, speak to her and to listen to her, we put microphones, speakers and cameras in it.

There are screens and everything in the control room so we can see her.

I don't keep many secrets from Michael so this will be very hard.

I am pretty mature though, well out of the boys I live with, so this can't be so bad.


Michael's POV

I can't believe that I'm actually watching a girl go through so much pain without doing anything.

I mean I've done it before without feeling guilty but this time, I feel very guilty.

This isn't normal.

I'm very tempted to run away so I won't have to listen to her screams and watch her struggle constantly.

"Tom, why do I have to listen and watch this? I don't think I should." I said.

"Well, why do think that you shouldn't? Little Ashy has to watch and listen to her, why should you not have to? What makes you so special?" He snapped.

I stayed silent, starting to question myself.

"Oh right, you aren't so special Michael. Is it because you finally feel guilty that you can't stop any of this?" Tom continued.

"Oh fuck you Tom."

"Oh, love you too bud." He started smiling, not paying attention to the girl he is currently testing, other wise known as torturing.

Samantha started gripping the sides of the chair and her screams started getting louder.

Tom started looking concerned, like something was wrong.

"This isn't right, what is happening.?" Tom mumbled.

I looked over to Ashton and he had to same look on his face.

"What's happening to her?" Ashton asked Tom.

"I actually don't know, it looks like she's transforming into some sort of animal. I don't know which animal though."

Why would she be turning into an animal?

Is she really that powerful?

Is she even a demon?

Questions kept on popping up in my mind but I couldn't get any answers.

"Is she even a demon?" I asked Tom.

"Yes, she is a demon and it's certain. She is powerful though, very powerful. I haven't done any testing on powerful demons, nor have I ever been near one." He explained.

"So you don't know what's happening?!" Ashton exclaimed.

"Exactly!" Tom shouted.

We were all yelling at each other and weren't paying any attention to Sam.

Isn't that just amazing?

I looked on the screen and noticed that she wasn't there anymore.


They rushed to the screen, looked at each other and didn't move.

I ran to the testing room and saw that there was a black owl in the corner opposite of the door.

Ashton and Tom came in a few moments later and stared at it in disbelief.

"The rare black barn owl. She turned into a rare black barn owl." Stuttered Ashton.

"Black barn owl?" I questioned, "Does it live in a barn or what?"

"You realize that you just made fun of Sam, right?" Ashton defended.

I rolled my eyes then noticed that the owl faced the wall and turned into a human.

The human was Sam.

"What the hell just happened?" She asked freaked out.

"You tell me!" Tom shouted.

"I never agreed to test on a powerful demon. This is out of hand. Tell me what just happened." He continued.

Both mine and Sam's eyes went black and we both clenched our fists.

"I don't know what just happened. I was in pain and thought of turning into a rare animal. I thought of the black barn owl and then it happened. Then I turned into one, I don't know how, but I did." She tried to explain.

"Turn into a horned owl, think of turning into one." Tom instructed.

Sam's POV

I did what Tom told me and nothing happened.

"I did what you told me, it doesn't work."

"Try thinking of a rare animal." Ashton suggested.

I thought of the rare black coyote.

Ashton's POV

Holy shit!

She's a wolf now!

What is even happening right now?!

Sam turned back into a human and I immediately started talking in amazement.

"You just turned into a wolf like Luke can!"

"No, I can't Ashton." Sam told me.

"What do you mean, you were just a wolf!" I said confused.

"I turned into the rare black coyote. I can't turn into a wolf." She corrected.

"But you can turn into a rare species of wolf, right?" I added.

"I'll try."

Sam's POV

Okay, what is a rare species of wolf?

Um, red wolves are rare, mostly because they are endangered because of coyotes.

I did a project on red wolves and I thought that I would never need to know that they were even a species but I was wrong.

Okay, time to focus.

What would I do if I could shape shift into a red wolf? Wouldn't it be cool?

I kept on trying to turn into one but it never worked.

"It won't work." I told Ashton.

"Try a different rare animal, any animal." He encouraged.

Kermode bear, it's the spirit bear and it's a rare Canadian bear.

This better work.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be kermode bear? 

I mean they are so cool, it would be even cool to be one right now.

I would knock off Tom's head.

"I can only turn into a black barn owl and black coyote. Their symbols of the dark, magic, tricksters and shape shifting." I told them in disappointment.

"Well Samantha, as much fun as this is, I need to do some quick tests for the soul connecting shit. Follow me you two! Ashy, do whatever or follow me and help." Tom said to everyone.

We all did as he said.

Ashton went to some sort of room away from everyone though.

I wonder why.


Hello there!

It is me, Sam and wasn't this chapter so long?

It took a while to write but I think it was worth it.

Plus this chapter is very important and links to everything happening in the future of this fan fiction!

Abby and I have already started planning the main events of the sequel.

This movella is going to finish up soon but the sequel will be a bit more focused on Abby but there will still be a lot of Sam.

I have decided to update every 2-4 days now but the chapters will be longer and will include more POV's from different characters.

Thank you for the comments, likes, favorites and of course for reading!

It is actually awesome to write this and to know that people enjoy reading what I write!




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