The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


29. Goodbyes

Sam's POV

What the hell is Ashton talking about?

Well, I better wait and see.

Or Abby will pressure him to get to the point.

It's sometimes great when she does, it makes things a lot quicker!

"Well, continue. Don't stretch out every word and don't talk really slow. Get to the point."

Well, Abby did pressure him.

No surprise there!

Ashton looked nervous.

Scratch that, all of the boys look nervous.

"Okay, so. We decided to let Abby leave. So Abby, you can leave the house, but you can't speak of this to anyone. If you do, we will find you. You are also putting the safety of all of us on the line. That means, you speak of this to anyone, Calum, Luke, Sam, you and I, will die or get locked up and will become one of the governments toys." Ashton continued.

Abby gets to leave?

What about me?

"Okay." Abby said bluntly.


"Yeah, hi, sorry but I can't help but to wonder, what will happen to me?" I butted in nervously.

"Oh yeah, you." Luke stuttered.

Why is he stuttering?


Did he just refer to me as 'oh yeah, you?'

Who does that?

A jerk does.

Or a nervous dude.

I bet he's both.

Or just a nervous dude.

Either way, he disrespected me!

"What do you mean by that? Why are you a stuttering mess?" I asked while furrowing my eyebrows.

"Well, Luke's scared of Ashton and Ashton started yelling at him, grabbing his shirt, threatening him, I luckily set Ashton straight and threw in a bit of reality." Abby informed me.

I gave Ashton a disapproving look and he bowed his head, probably in shame.

"Well, point is Samantha. You're friend gets to leave but you can't because you have to stay here and live with us." Calum spoke up, speaking louder than usual.

"Why didn't I get a say in this! Why can't I leave?" I exclaimed jumping to my feet.

"You know why you can't leave Sam. You didn't get a say in this because you wouldn't agree with this-" Michael said but I cut him off.

"Hell no I don't agree!"

"Oh yeah, can I talk to you guys for a few minutes. Like, without Abby?" I asked quietly but everyone heard me because they walked towards the basement door and Abby stayed on the couch.

They locked the doors and I was stuck on the plastic chair I was strapped to when I first arrived at the beginning of the day, while they stood in front of me, waiting for me to start talking.

"Well, can't we please just tell Abby? She has the right to know. Plus, you guys trusted her enough to keep this whole situation a secret." 

"Fine, you're right. We'll start explaining then you take over, okay? Dudes, don't disagree, I'm older than you and I'm sort of the leader." Ashton explained.

"Fine." The other boys muttered walking back upstairs, followed by me and Ashton.

We all sat on the couches, in the same order as last time and looked at Abby.

"What now?" Abby asked annoyed, while rolling her eyes.

"Well Abby, I may have killed your friend Samantha. If she gets hurt or sick, she will feel it for a few moments then she will feel pleasure, then she will heal. I did this on Michael's orders so hurt him not me." Calum started, still being louder than usual.


Abby's POV

I looked over to Michael, signalling for him to talk.

"Well, each demon has sort of a chosen person. Someone who can make my eyes turn back to their natural eye color. Sam just happened to be that person for me. She seemed to be way, way, way different than any other human being so I had my theories and I chose to have Calum kill her to prove one of my theories right. When she came downstairs, when you and Luke were on the couches. Her eyes weren't blue like usual, they were red. I brought her to Ashton to see if she was a demon too." Michael explained to me.

What is happening?

More like, what happened?

Ashton continued the whole explanation.

"From what I saw, she was a demon but for it to be confirmed, I brought her Tom, you've been told who he is and what can do. We came back for Michael for the testing because he wanted to do extra tests to see if Sam and Michael had connected souls. The results of both of the tests were positive and it turns out that Samantha is one of the most powerful demons, like ever. She can also turn into a black coyote or a black barn owl. From the looks of it, Michael could turn into the black coyote with practice and like any demon, Sam can teleport with practice like how Michael can."

I'm still so confused!

"So basically, that is why Sam can't leave. No, we are not lying." Luke finished.

"Prove to me that she can turn into those two animals, Sam, do it." I challenged.

There is no way that any of that is true.

I blinked then when I opened my eyes and looked at where Sam was, there was black coyote.

I blinked again, then there was black barn owl, then Sam was there.


"Believe it now Abby?" Sam asked.

I slowly nodded, now knowing that I shouldn't piss her off because she is way more powerful than me now.

Eh, what am I kidding?

Either way I'm gonna piss her off!

That's not something that's going to change.

"Wait, if you're staying here, what about your stuff?" I pointed out.

There's no way she's here without any of her stuff.

"Good point, I need a lot of stuff and I have a lot of stuff." Sam said.

"I GOT IT!" I exclaimed.

"Sam, will go home and pack up everything then leave with me. We could say that we're running away and then we go into the woods to hide and Sam get's 'eaten' by a wolf! But she really just got her stuff and came here! It's a good backup story and she would leave a note saying goodbye to her family! I'm a genius!" I told everyone my plan and when I finished, they all nodded.

"Well, come on Abby, we have to run away!" Sam and I started leaving towards the door but I got lifted up by a pair of long arms.

The figure whispered in my left ear.

"What made you think of a wolf?" 

It was Luke picking me up.

"I don't know, it just crossed my mind." I whispered back.


"Goodbye." I said back.

Luke let me go and I made my way to the door where Sam was about to leave.

We walked out of the abandoned home and started walking to Sam's house.

I looked back and thought: Man, I'm gonna miss that place.

We made it to Sam's house and I went up to her room.

Sam stayed back, probably to talk to her family.

Sam's POV
I decided to talk to my mom and dad for a while, my brother was still in school.

My parents didn't bring up why I wasn't at school, we just talked.

We talked about my birthday and I told them I skipped school and met a bunch of new people.

They were proud of me.

I'm not very social, so when they hear that I met new people, it makes them happy.

I excused myself and went to my room.

I grabbed a bunch of duffel bags and started packing everything I needed.

I packed my books, drawing and sketching stuff, my laptop, chargers for electronics, earbuds, lots of clothing, hairbrush, pads (because I was never told if I still get my period) and other essentials.

Abby was being nice and packed a bag for me while I was talking to my parents.

I packed up all of my birthday money, extra cash and change and I also packed my debit card because you never know what'll happen!

Abby was looking through my bags to make sure that I didn't leave out anything and to make sure that I didn't bring anything that I didn't need.

She took out all of my books.

"HEY HEY HEY! I'm bringing my books! I need them!" I yelled at her while putting them back into my batman bags.

"Sam, I'm not against superheros or anything, you know that but is it necessary to bring your superhero duffel bags?" Abby asked.

"They're the only bags I have Abby, now come on. I have to write my letter!"

I went to my desk and started writing.

The Letter:

Dear Family,

        I'm leaving, now that I'm 18, I want to explore the world. None of you did anything wrong to me today, besides Lukas, you ate my cereal but I forgive you. I will be back soon, I still don't know when I will stop my traveling. If you're reading this letter, it's too late, I have left. Abby is with me right now, we will eventually go explore Japan but not now because we don't have the money. Please, don't cry, don't weep. I am fine, I am happy. I am travelling the world with my best friend. I waited for my 18th birthday because now I'm an adult believe it or not. Please don't ask the police to look for me, it's not what I want and it's not right. This could be the last we talk (well, we're not really talking, I wrote a letter and you're reading it), so I want you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I disrespected you mom and dad. I'm sorry Lukas that I wasn't the best sister, I'm also sorry that I brought up the cereal incident. I'm sorry for anything and everything I've done wrong and I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings or offended you. I love you all so I'm telling you all this. Goodbye for now.

                                                                                                                    With Lots Of Love,


End of Letter

I left the note on the kitchen counter and I went back to the home from the 1960's.

Abby and I said goodbye and I don't know what happened with her after that.


Hi, that was the end of the book!

After this author's note, there will be a short chapter about what happened after this ending.

I am working on the first chapters of the sequel right now so it isn't published just yet but I will release the title after the short chapter.

Thanks for reading, liking and leaving favorites and comments.

It means a lot that this book got over 10 reads.

Right now there are 17k reads!






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