The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


19. Being Clever Is Needed

Abby's POV

Why the hell do they keep on trying to leave that idiot Calum with me?!

I'm happy that he's scared of me.

Aryana, Sam and I love being feared because it shows that you are powerful.

Sam isn't physically powerful but she is verbally powerful and threatens a lot of people. She will follow through on those threats and she just dresses so she appears intimidating, she enjoys it apparently.

Aryana and I are mostly just physically powerful, we do threaten people but not like Sam but she threatens because she isn't physically strong, like at all.

The Ashton dude and the rude dude Calum took Sam into the backyard and did who knows what while I was once again stuck with the annoying werewolf.

Just great.

"I can't remember if I asked you but how old are you again?" Luke asked me.

Must be a forgetful person.

"17." I'm not in the mood to talk to him, he is too annoying and talks too much, sort of like Sam and Aryana.

"Don't want to talk?" He asks too many questions.

I raised an eyebrow at him and went on my phone and started playing Japanese games because they were made in Japan and Japan is awesome!

"Is that a no or what?" He asked getting on my nerves even more.

"You're getting on my nerves." I told him and he nodded in response, then he didn't speak.

After about 5 minutes or silence, I heard a door open and close, I took my attention away from my phone and let my curiosity take over.

I looked around the room while still sitting on the couch and saw Sam, who appears to be in deep thought at the moment.

She walked into the kitchen (which I could still see from the couch), she closed her eyes and started walking out of the kitchen.

Is she losing it?

When she left that old/modern kitchen, Luke started watching her with curiosity too.

"Is she crazy?" He asked me.

"Stop it with the questions and no, I don't think she is." I told him with a harsh tone.

He only said 'jeez' and stopped watching Sam.

She banged into the basement door and I decided to ignore her, right now she was being so weird and crazy.

I heard her talking to a door, which is unusual, considering I've never seen her do it, besides now of course.

If she did do something embarrassing then I will start watching her again to bring it up in front of people to embarrass her even more.

I really am like the kindest person ever! (Not really but just go with it!)

I started playing more awesome games made in Japan and tried to forgot about Sam and her craziness.

Sam's POV

 Okay, I don't have a bobby pin to pick the lock on the door and I'm not going to go and ask Abby for one.


Well for starters, I doubt that she would bring any with her, second I doubt that she even owns any because she doesn't do anything fancy to her hair, she only dyes the tips.

Okay, I need to go into school mode, (a mode that ensures that I am thinking and thinking logically so I can focus and do work. I also think quicker which is something needed right now.)

They have a kitchen that has a recent model of fridge (aka: new fridge,) so they must have utensils!

Plan A: If I can find a fork, then I could use the prongs to pick the lock. 

Plan B: If they don't have forks then I will look for two small, sharp knives to pick the lock.

Plan C: If they don't even have any utensils, then I could go look for thin wires. It might take a while but they should be able to pick a lock.

I always come up with three possible plans or explanations, it helps keep me organized.

I started looking through the kitchen drawers and the forth drawer had the utensils but only spoons and pizza cutters.

Why the hell would they have only spoons and pizza cutters?

Why would they even have pizza cutters?

So Plan A and B have already failed so time to go and find wires.

This should be hard if you aren't clever and don't have a plan but I have a plan and I'm somewhat clever.

The couches look old and some couches from the 1900's have thin straight wires in them.

If this couch does then Plan C will word, if not, then I will need another plan.

I took off the cushions on one of the couches and earned some stares from Abby and Luke.

"What?" I asked them, what I'm doing isn't weird.

"What are you doing?" Luke asked back.

I better tell them so they won't stare at me like I'm crazy.

"Well, I need to pick the lock on the door to the basement to get Michael to believe that I am still human and not plastic so Ash and I can take him outside. Okay?" They nodded and brought their attention back to their phones.

I took a pizza cutter and cut open the couch and BAM, the wires were there!

I took one and snapped it in half so they weren't too long and went back to the locked door.

I picked the lock, opened the door and started walking downstairs.

I saw Michael on yet another plastic chair with black eyes staring at his hands.

"Um, hi?" My 'hi' came out as more of a question.

"You're not plastic?" He asked me, well, it seemed as if he was asking himself.

"Yeah, I know that I'm not plastic Michael." I started walked towards him.

"Well, have you been confirmed yet? You weren't gone for too long." 

How do I convince him to come with me to go see Tom?

"Um. well no, Tom thinks that we have connected souls or some shit like that so he gave Ash and I two hours to come and get you to do some tests. If we aren't back before the two hours are up then we will be plastic, if we come back without you then, well, we also become plastic. Ask Ash for the details and stuff" I tried to explain to him while chuckling when I mentioned the whole plastic thing.

Michael let out a big sigh.

"Come on, we'll do the tests but first I'll talk to Ashton to get all the details and to find out if he's still really creepy."

"Fair enough." I put on a fake smile and walked upstairs with Michael behind me.

I'm actually kind of scared/nervous right now, I mean, this whole situation is a bit wacko.

I sit down on the couches with Luke and Abby while Michael went outside to go and see Ashton.

Abby and Luke still weren't talking to each other and they were both on their phones.

Maybe they're texting each other instead of orally talking?

Probably not.

I pulled out my phone and started reading online books because I am a total bookworm!



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