The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?



Well hello there everybody, so I realize that I've been inactive for over a year now AND that I said that there would be a sequel for this book but that never happened. I'm not really into this fandom as much as I used to be and I had, and still have, so much work to do so I ditched writing fan fictions. So, what I'm trying to say is that there will not be a sequel nor will I be active on this account, or any account on this website. I'm sure that most of you forgot about this book or just simply stopped caring about it, that's great, really, it is, I could care less. So farewell and thanks for putting up with this terribly written fan fiction, Sam!
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