The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


21. Arguments and Secrets

Abby's POV

"Why are you always left with me and why do the other always leave?" I am once again stuck with the wolf.

I always thought that hanging out with a wolf would be cool but it really isn't if it's a werewolf.

A weird and annoying werewolf, which happens to be a boy.

"I don't know." Liar.

"What do you mean you don't know? You all know something that I don't! Spill!" I yelled at Luke.

I don't why they are keeping secrets from me!

"No, I have nothing to spill. You know about everything that happened since you came here! Calm down." He is a really bad liar.

Clearly is lying through his teeth.

"You suck at lying dude but fine, don't tell me. I will find out soon." I told him confidently while rolling my eyes.

He rolled his eyes back at me then continued doing whatever he was doing on his phone.

I WILL find out what they hiding, I know I will.

"I'm gonna leave now. Bye wolfy."

I need to get out and I need to get out now.

Out of this house of lies.

Michael's POV

Tom's 'office' still smells like he killed something and hid it 10 years ago and never got rid of it.

Yup, that's what it is.

I wonder if he killed something and actually hid it in here.

"Hey Sam, do you think that he killed something and hid it in here?" I asked her.

Why not?

We could try to find the dead human or animal.

"It smells like it, plus he's a psychopath so he probably did." Well, we think alike.

It would be fucked up if we had connected souls though, like seriously?

It just sound's weird and I mean I think that she is my different one that could calm down but us being connected to each other in some sort of spiritual way.

No, it's crazy, too crazy.

15 minutes and still no Tom.

"Want to look to see if he is hiding something dead in here?" I asked Sam as quiet as I could but Ashton heard.

"No, you guys won't do that. We could be turned to plastic and that won't be happening. You too could be special and some of the most powerful demons ever, don't ruin it for yourselves." Why is he being so mature?

Sam rolled her eyes in annoyance and I lightly chuckled while Ashton gave us the 'you're in big trouble' look.

He used his eyes to gesture to the door and Sam and I turned around to face Tom, standing by the door frame.

"Miss me so much that you wanted to look around huh? Michael, I know that I'm like a second father to you but you have to understand that I won't always be with you." 

"Really Tom? I want you dead, you disgust me, last time I was here you tried to kill me, why would I miss you? Oh and we were going to look around because Sam and I thought that you killed something and hid it in here. We wanted to find it since this place smells like rotting flesh." I snapped.

He tried to kill me, he is nothing close to a second father.

He smirked and walked over to Samantha, then started caressing her left cheek.

"You think I would do such a thing?" He asked her with a smile on his face.

I wish that he wouldn't smile because it shows all of his rotting teeth.

Tom smokes and drinks a lot so his breath stinks so bad that no matter how many times he brushes his teeth, it will still smell of weed and alcohol.

"Yes, I do think that you would do such a thing. You turn people into dolls and told me that you have been watching me since I was little but stopped because I seemed emo and it got boring! You disgust me." Damn she knows how to be honest.

Painfully honest actually.

Tom looked taken back, it's been a while and plus, he isn't smiling anymore!

"Ouch, you're sassy aren't you?" 

"Tom, Sam, Michael, stop. Run the tests so we can confirm then leave." Thank God Ashton spoke up.

"All of a sudden everyone gives me the cold shoulder. Why is that?" Tom asked innocently.

"Get the tests done Tom." Ashton told him again sternly.

"Yes sir. Ashton, take these two lovely, things, to my lab. Do the usual."

Ashton made his way to the door and walked back down the stairs, then the 'lovely things' followed him.

How dare Tom call us that?


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