The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


13. Are You Kidding Me?

Michael's POV

Wow, how do Sam and Ash know each other?

Why didn't Ash tell me? 

Were they dating?

Questions I might not get the answers to.

I took Sam's hand again then quickly let go, it was SO sweaty!!!!

"Sorry, I got nervous seeing him again." She quietly told me.

Being the weird person I am, I just slowly nodded hoping that she understood what I meant.

Even though, I just met her, I feel like I've known her for years. I just understand her, somehow, I know that her favorite color is red and she is shy around new people. I can tell that she likes rock and punk-rock music. I know, weird right, I really do think that she is the one who will make sure that I don't kill anyone or make sure that my eyes don't stay black for too long because that is dangerous, very dangerous.

"So, which way to the woods?" Sam asked after a few minutes of us staring into the backyard.

"Follow me." I said while grabbing her hand (after she wiped off the sweat on her pants) and dragging her into the woods.

She quickly got the hint to run so she did and damn she was fast! 

I was definitely not as fast or faster than her so I had to speak up.

"Hey Sam! Slow down!" I yelled at her because she was far in front of me.

"Right! Sorry, I'm a runner so, I'm kind of fast." Sam yelled back while slowing down into a slow run, then a walking pace so I walked beside her.

"No need to apologize." I told her because she sort of seemed embarrassed.

She gave me a small smile and kept on walking.

After about 10 minutes of walking around in the woods I got tired and decided to sit down on a fallen tree and take a break but Sam kept on walking forward.

I watched her walk away and fade in the distance.

Then I heard her scream my name, in pain most likely.

What happened?

Sam's POV

I kept on walking then I stepped on something and I heard a crack, I thought that it was a stick but I tried to take another step and pain immediately took over my right foot.

I screamed in pain and fell to the leave covered dirt ground.

I heard footsteps coming near me and then the fear of someone coming near me came.

Great, I'm scared, in pain and alone in the woods, couldn't get better.

"SAM?" I heard Michael yell in the distance.

"HERE! I'M OVER HERE!" I yelled back waving my arms in the air even though I knew he couldn't see them.

I saw him walking over to me, then he sat down on the ground in front of me.

"So, what happened?" He asked.

"I was walking, then I heard a crack, I thought it was a branch so I kept on walking but when I tried to step forward and I fell to the ground screaming in pain." I said with clear embarrassment in my voice.

I don't know why but it is always so embarrassing for me to get hurt and tell someone. I'm just that weird.

"Can I touch your foot? Just to check if anything is broken." He asked me.

"You said that if I get hurt the pain will turn into pleasure and it will heal itself." I pointed out to him because I think he forgot.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's just wait for a few minutes then we will keep on walking." Michael told me.

I nodded to answer him, even though it wasn't a question, I think it was supposed to be.

We sat in an awkward silence for a few more minutes until I tried to get up from the ground because the branch I was sitting was starting to really hurt my butt.

Michael immediately stood up ready to catch me because he probably thought that my foot wasn't healed yet.

To prove him wrong, I jumped up and sprinted forward, then walked because I knew that he wasn't very fast. 

He caught up and we started walking around the woods again.

After a while, we saw a clear lake, how odd? 

"Well come on, let's go for a swim Sam." Michael said to me.

I shook my head no. I didn't care how hot it was outside, I was not going to remove any clothing AT ALL to go swimming. 

I was wearing black skinny jeans (which suck when they are wet), a tight grey T-shirt (which also sucks when it's wet) and a dark red and black flannel (which I am not willing to get wet.)

I am also really insecure of my low voice and body.

"Fine, you'll be missing out!" He yelled while taking off his shirt, so it wouldn't get wet.

I was just glad he didn't take off his pants, that would just make the whole situation worse and awkward, mostly for me.

He got into the crystal clear water and I just sighed.

My phone is still with me so I pulled it out and started playing Japanese cat games because I am a rebellious teen apparently. Well I sort of am minus the cat games and good student part.  

After I unlocked my phone and went on KleptoCats (an awesome cat game), Michael came up behind me and took my phone away. I turned around to face him and he had a playful grin on his face.

"HEY! Give it back! Your hands are wet and my phone's screen is separated! You'll break my phone!" I kept on yelling at him while he held up my phone so I couldn't reach it.


He put my phone on the rock beside the branch I was just sitting on and before I had enough time to grab my phone, Michael grabbed my waist and picked me up.

I shrieked from surprise and kept on yelling at him to put me down but he kept on ignoring me.

He walked into the lake and stopped to put me down when the water reached his waist.

The water was REALLY COLD!

"What the hell is wrong with you Michael?!" I shouted.

He shrugged.

Wow, comforting. I thought to myself.

"Do you know how to swim Sam?" He asked me.

"Of course I do! I used to be in competitive swimming!" I told him in frustration.

"Then why are you freaking out? Are you scared of water?" He questioned.

Jeez, he really wants to know huh?

"I am NOT scared of water, I literally just told you I was on a swim team!" I yelled again.

He is SO annoying!

"Then tell me why you are freaking out!" He yelled at me.

"I don't want to get my clothes wet." I said like it was obvious.

"Then take off your clothes." He calmly said to me.

"A little too late for that." I said in a calmer tone.

He shook his head no and chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"Your shirt isn't wet, you can still take that off." Michael responded still laughing.

"I'm not taking off my shirt because it won't get wet, I'm going back to my phone." I told him while walking out of the water.

When I got back to my phone, my black jeans were soaked.

I quickly picked up my phone and went to find a spot with sun that was near by.

Once I found one, I stood there and went back onto my phone. 

I entered my messages and was about to respond to Megan because she wouldn't stop texting me asking where I was, Michael stood behind me, so close that he got the back of my shirt wet.

"No texting, you can't tell anyone what is happening." He whispered.

I scoffed and turned off my phone.

"It's been 30 minutes, we should go to the tree Ash was talking about." I said to him trying to change the subject.

"This way!" He said while pointing to the right like a superhero would in comic books.

Then we were off walking again.

We stopped in front of a tree with Ash sitting on one of the tree branches.

Michael cleared his throat and Ash looked down at us.

"Well come on up! Michael, show Sam how to get up." Ash instructed Michael.

Michael told me to start climbing and that he would be right behind me directing my feet.

I did what he told me to and when I almost got to the branch Ashton was on, I slipped but Michael luckily caught me.

I finally got up and sat beside Ash and Michael sat beside me causing me to be in the middle.

"Still so clumsy." Ashton pointed out to me.

"Yeah, but at least I now don't fall down on the first day of school." I shot back trying to defend myself.

"Okay then, whoa, it's happening again but wow!" Michael said breaking the tension.

"What are you talking about Michael?" I questioned.

"Your eyes are now purple! First black like me but now purple. What are you feeling right now Sam?" Michael asked me.

"I'm a bit sad." I admitted while blushing.

I'm not one of those girls who talk about their feelings so it is a bit embarrassing for me when I do. 

"I'm confused." Said Ash.

Oh typical Ashton.

I didn't want to speak to him so I looked at Michael and asked him through facial expressions, somehow he understood and he told Ashton about my eyes turning red and now they are purple.

"So, Sam, by the looks of it, you are a demon, even more powerful than the all mighty Michael over here. I can't confirm it but I can take you to some guy that lives in the attic of a church, he can help and confirm it. Have you been killed? Just wondering." I giggled when Ashton said "the all mighty Michael", he still has that effect on me.

"Yes I have been killed. Michael said something about me being different  or something so I couldn't leave him so I was brought to the ghost boy Calum and he did some sort of voodoo magic thing, which apparently killed me. I am very confused as to what Michael meant and I am also confused on if I am dead or not." I explained to him.

He nodded to me and sent Michael a "what the hell?" look. Which was awkward for me because he got very close to my face in the process.

"Well come on Sam and Ash, we should go and confirm it." Michael said to us both.

"I meant just Sam and I, not you Michael , we have some catching up to do. Besides, Tom doesn't like demons." Ash told him.

"If he doesn't like demons then why would you bring her there? You shouldn't take chances like that Ashton. He might try something again." Michael snapped back at him.

"He won't try anything with her if I am there, if he does then he will be ended." Ash said through gritted teeth.

"Fine! Take her by yourself! Don't be surprised if my eyes don't turn green and don't be surprised if everyone is dead when you get back!" Michael yelled with his eyes turning black.

I looked into his eyes and he did the same with me.

"Calm down Michael, we won't be gone for long, okay?" I said to him with a small smile and he nodded.

Ash and I got off the of the tree and we started walking back towards the woods.

What did they mean he wouldn't try anything with me if Ash was here.

What did that Tom dude do to Michael?



Hello! I am sorry, took me a while to finish this chapter but in my defense, it is longer than the others!

The chapters might be posted later at night because I am usually busy with my brother's soccer or football, whatever you people want to call it.

I am Canadian and I find it easier to write when I write stuff not the Australian or European or whatever way, so sorry if you do not understand something I write, it was just the way that I was taught.

Anyhoo! Almost 500 reads! That's AMAZING to me!

Thank you to everyone who is reading, it means a lot to me!







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