Heartbreak girl

Your name is Anna Irwin ,
Yes , your the younger sister from Ashton Irwin ,
You and the lads have been best friends since middle school ,
What if one of them starts to fall for you ?


3. Ice cold

Anna's POV :

I felt super cold water splash on me . I opened my eyes and saw ice and water all over me.

"Shit!" I mumbled . I heard the boys laugh .

"Congratulation for doing the ice bucked challenge . Who would you like to nominate to do it next ?" Ash,Mikey and Cal asked . They all laughing hysterically. I gave them the death glare and they all started to run outside of the house away from me .

"I'll get you guys for this ! " i shouted running after them . I turned around to see where they wen't .


I just heard some footsteps . It must have been one of them . I ran as fast as i could but as soon as i got closer i realized it wasn't Cal,Mikey or Ash . I tried to stop but i couldn't control myself and fell over that person . We both were lying on the floor on top of each other . I looked down to see who it was and saw Luke . Well this is awkward .

"Anna whe- " I looked behind me and saw Calum and the boys. " well look at what we have here . " Calum said smirking at the both of us . I blushed . Oh shit ! Did i just blush ? 

" Are you now gonna get off me !" Luke said harshly .

What was his problem ?

" jeez sorry" I bit my lip trying to hold back my tears .

Why was he so angry at me ?

He rolled his eyes at me . I hate it when he does that and he knows that...

Before i could even cry in front of the boys and embarrass myself i ran into the house and went upstairs to my room . I locked the door so that no one could come in. I wiped away my tears . 

Just when i was about to go to shower someone knocked on my door .

I put on a fake smile knowing the person was Ashton.

I guess i was wrong.

My smile dropped as i saw the person in front of me.


I hope you liked this chapter and thank you for reading this !!!

~ Rainicorn 




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