Heartbreak girl

Your name is Anna Irwin ,
Yes , your the younger sister from Ashton Irwin ,
You and the lads have been best friends since middle school ,
What if one of them starts to fall for you ?


1. Hi again

Anna's POV:

I stood at the airport waiting for my bro and my mates to arrive home. ( Sydney )

"ANNA!!!!" I heard someone yell out my name .

I turn around to see my brother running towards me . I smiled .

It was kinda embarrassing tho because everyone stared at us but it didn't really matter to me.

He came running to me and hugged me tightly .

" I missed you so much little sis . " He said pocking my cheek.

" Me too " I said smiling . " Where are the boys ? " I asked him.

" Oh they are coming here right now ." He said pointing at them . 

" ANNA " I heard Mikey shout . I giggled . He ran towards me and gave me a big hug . I hugged him back .

" Mikey !! How was it on tour ? " I asked him .

" It was awesome , but its great that we can see you again . "

He said with a huge smile . I smiled back at him.

" Luke , Calum how are you guys ? " I asked

" Great ! But it's even better now that i'm seeing my very old mate " Calum said smiling at me . I hit his arm . 

" Ow what was that for " he asked me while rubbing his arm .

" Don't call me old again " I said giving him a death glare . He just rolled his eyes at me and i laughed .

" Anyway Luke how about you ? How ya feeling ?" He ignored my question and just stared at his phone.

I was really shocked by his reaction . Did i do something wrong ?

Mikey, Ash and Cal just shrugged their shoulders . After a few minutes of taking pictures with fan's we wen't to my car and drove to our house .


Helloooo people ! I hope you enjoyed this story and if you don't ... It's okay . ;) 

Anyway i would just like to thank whoever is reading this . !! 

Thanks for even stopping by here !!





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