Adopted by Phan


1. Him...

The noise of children flooded my ears. Guess it's time to get up, ugh. I hated waking up early. I also hated this stupid orphanage. He kids in here with me though we're darlings and I loved them all.

I know I'd like to get out of this hell hole someday but only with at least one of them. Her name is Jennifer and she is the cutest and most innocent thing you could ever meet! I knew that was all gonna end, because today was the day he came...

"Jordan don't go.." I could tell who that begging voice belonged to in an instant, it was Emmi she was often bullied by the kids.

"Emmi bear I have to, I'll call you guys every night I promise. Also I'll talk my new dad into letting you and Jennifer can spend the night sometimes. Ok?" I gave her a kiss and hugged her tight.

I set her down and gathered up my stuff. When I heard a knock on my door.

"He's here Jordan, your father is ready to meet you."

"Oh be quiet, he's not my father and he never will be!" That's when Jennifer handed me her bunny stuffed anime Lucy. I had gotten Lucy for her, stole it from a lady who came here once.

"Jennifer why'd you hand me Lucy, she's yours?" She shook her head tears rolling down her face and shoved her towards me. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms and told her what I told Emmi.

As I walked out I saw him standing all 6'3' of him. I shook his hand and we walked out, here was a nice car sitting there and I decided to ask him.

"Where's my new mom?" When he opened the door for me I noticed another guy with black hair and blue eyes sitting and waiting for us.

"Don't have one we're your new dads, I'm Dan and this is Phil. He's my boyfriend. We do live together though. We make YouTube videos online."

"Jordan, we would like to ask if you want to go to public school, I have a part time job here or be home schooled with Dan?" Phil reached for my hand and I let him because he did seem like more of a dad type then Dan.

"Public school would be nice. Does everyone know about you and Dan?"

"No of course not. They all are fans of Dan and if I told them they would ask how I was so lucky to be dating him." Phil exclaimed laughing

"What do you mean? Are you guys famous?"

I asked. They exchanged looks.... Oh no.......

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